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Umm Okay Mr. President

by @ 6:07 pm on August 2, 2005. Filed under Education, Evolution vs. ID, George W Bush, Science

In an interview today, President Bush suggested that schools should teach so-called “intelligent design” along with evolution.

This is nonsense and, with all due respect, the President should, in the words of one blogger, shut his yap. First of all, since when do we need to hear the President’s opinion of what public schools in any part of the United States should be teaching on any subject ? I thought Republicans were the ones who believed in Federalism. Second, the last thing we need is to turn America’s classrooms into forums for every unsupported theory about the origin of life.

Does anyone seriously think that they’re having this debate in Germany, or Japan, or China ? Of course they aren’t. Students there are being taught real science, not the religiously correct version that the Pat Robertson’s of the world want to shove down our children’s throats. Go down this road and, in a few decades, we’ll be the ones marveling at the biotech wonders coming out of Shanghai.

Via Right Wing Nuthouse.

Update: Tons of more stuff on the reaction to the President’s statements, with links galore, over at Instapundit.

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