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Samuel Alito: Libertarian ?

by @ 5:25 pm on November 10, 2005. Filed under Samuel Alito, Supreme Court

Via Ann Althouse, I discovered this article by Ilya Somin at The American Spectator examining Judge Alito’s record and concluding that there is at least the hint of a libertarian streak there. The possibility that she’s correct creates an interesting dilemma for liberals:

Obviously, Alito is far from being an across-the-board libertarian. But there is much for libertarians to like in his record, more than in the case of Scalia. Liberals understandably have less reason to support Alito than libertarians do. But they should think seriously about whether they would rather have a conservative with a significant libertarian streak like Alito or a pro-government conservative who will be just as likely to overturn Roe, but less likely to vote to restrict government power over religious freedom, free speech, or immigration.

Read the whole thing. And check out Ann’s post as well for some great additional commentary

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