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Carnival Of Liberty XXXIX

by @ 7:04 am on April 4, 2006. Filed under Blog Carnivals, Carnival Of Liberty

Good morning, and welcome to the 39th edition of the Carnival of Liberty, hosted this week at the new home of Below The Beltway. Once again, we’ve had a great group of contributors this week, so without further delay, let’s get to the carnival…….

First up, and appropriately enough, we have a contribution from ROFASIX pondering the true meaning of freedom.

Freedom is freedom from compulsion. It is freedom from fear of having your life snuffed out because a government or a group does not like you because you are different from the tribe. It is freedom of being ruled by physical force, and free from compulsion from the whims of either the majority or those in power.

Very, very well said.

Next, Francois Tremblay at The Radical Libertarian takes a look at the always problematic concept of “social justice” and argues that true social justice can only be found in a free society.

“Social justice” is not to be found in the greedy power-mongering and kangaroo courts of the statists. Coercion is not just. The only social justice that exists, must be based on cooperation and non-coercion. This is because justice consists of getting what one earns, and not getting the unearned – this applies to trials but to other aspects of life as well.

In other words, social justice does not come from the barrel of a gun.

Next, writing at The Liberty Papers, Brad Warbiany offers two excellent pieces. The first rips about the anti-liberty rationale behind laws restricting smoking and laws restricting what we can do on Sundays. As Brad points out, the people who advocate these laws are similar in the fact that they don’t trust free individuals to make choices. Brad’s second contribution takes a skeptical look at the Federal Election Commission’s recent decision that appears to exempt bloggers from campaign finance regulation. As Brad points out, the problem with the ruling is that it accepts the rationale that the FEC has any business getting involved in political speech to begin with.

Next, we have a round of posts dealing with the illegal immigration debate. First, Digger at Digger’s Realm sees a threat in the recent protests by immigrant groups against proposed chanages to the immigration laws. Next, Dan Melson at Searchlight Crusade offers his own posts, The Illegal Immigration Debate Then, Stephen Littau at Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds (still hands down one of my favorite names for a blog) offers his own contribution, The Illegal Immigration Debate Hits Home. Finally, Gullyborg writes about what it will really take to reform the immigration system

We get an update on what’s going on in the land of Eminent Domain Abuse from Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff

Up next, Ogre’s Politics and Views takes on the Charlotte Observer and its pro-government political agenda.

Speaking of the Charlotte Observer, Andy at The Charlotte Capitalist writes about a recent piece in that same newspaper about the bird flu, and decides that much of the panic we’ve been hearing from the government is little more than old fashioned fear mongering.

Next, writing at Goosing the Antithesis, Francois Tremplay writes about the similarities between government and religious collectivism.

President Bush often argues that the terrorists attack us becuase they hate our freedom. As Barry Campbell points out, though, its not just the terrorists who hate freedom.

Next, Centrerion offers a thought-provoking post on freedom and its limits.

Understanding that freedom is limited and how is key to the fight against terrorism (itself an abuse of freedom, hence why we take away terrorists’ freedom by imprisoning them). This importance is derived from the fact that a major part of the fight against terrorism is the fight to promote critical thinking, which is an expression of freedom of speech.

Minh-Duc at State of Flux writes about some very old disputes among libertarians as personified by the differing philosophies of John Stuart Mill and Lysander Spooner.

The problem with Lysander Spooner is the same problem that faces the Libertarian Party. Their concept of liberty is missing the concept of utilitarianism. It leads to bizarre political position ? such as opposition to all wars ? even the one that result in the spread of individual liberty. This is why John Stuart Mill advocacy of utilitarianism should not be seen as a separate and distinct from his advocacy of liberty ? but rather an integral part of liberty

An excellent point, although the fact that the LP has never been able to attract anyone who seems to know how to run a political campaign probably doesn’t help either.

Next from Ok So I’m Not really A Cowboy comes a discussion of the differences between modern and classical liberals

Coming next are a trio of articles about liberty on the international stage. First, Said Jane at Armies of Liberation writes about advances for freedom in Yemen, which hopefully means something good for the rest of the Arab world. Next, Cody Herche at lega redux writes about the continuing efforts of the government of China to stifle freedom of expression. Finally, Mensa Barbie shares some words on freedom from the Dalai Lama.

Finally, Dean Esmay writes about the correlation between freedom and peace. Not surprisingly, more freedom means that war is less likely.

The power of freedom to end war, minimize violence within nations, and eradicate genocide and mass murder almost seems magical. It is as though we have a single-drug cure for cancer, but in the case of freedom, it is all true and well established.

Excellent reading. And an excellent point on which to end this week’s Carnival of Liberty.

Next week’s Carnival of Liberty will be hosted at Homeland Security or Homeland Stupidity, so get those submissions in soon.

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