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An Interesting Proposal

by @ 12:08 am on April 13, 2006. Filed under Personal, Tales Of The Dog

Yesterday, Kellie and I were presented with an interesting proposals from one of our neighbors. They are the owners of a 10-month old Lhasa Apso, not only same breed as our Riley, but literally the same coloring and everything. Anything, for reasons that I am not entirely clear on, they can’t keep the dog any longer and are offering to give it to us for nothing. Anyone who knows anything about pure-bred Lhasa’s knows that this is a heck of offer.

Needless to say, we are intrigued…..but skeptical. Riley gets along well with this dog when they see each other in public, but I’m not sure how two males in the same house would do together, especially at such a young age. And, given that our townhouse isn’t exactly the largest home in Northern Virginia, the idea of two dogs here does raise some concern. Nonetheless, I’d hate to see this little guy in a bad home. So, the debate in the household is ongoing…..

Any advice ?

7 Responses to “An Interesting Proposal”

  1. A lot of issues here… But I doubt it would be too much of a problem. How old is Riley? Do you and Kellie both work outside the house during the day? Riley may be looking for a playmate.

    When we first got Guinness as a puppy, it was nearly two years before we got the younger one, Spanky. Guinness was at home alone during the day, and I think having Spanky around is enjoyable for him.

    They’re both Yorkies, and both males, so it hasn’t been perfect. They definitely have some fights for dominance, but nothing serious. But overall, I think they have fun playing together. It is somewhat funny, because at night Guinness likes to sleep underneath the covers. Every morning, Spanky sits around waiting and watching the little lump under the covers, hoping that Guinness will wake up and start playing :-)

  2. Brad,

    Riley is one and I’m sure he’d love a playmate while we are at work. They are some concerns as to exactly why the neighbors are giving away this dog, though, and we’re still mulling this one over.

  3. Olivia says:

    How about inviting the other dog over for a “play date” on the weekend? Then you could see if the dog has behavioral issues or some other insidious behavior. And you could also get a feel for whether the two dogs might tolerate each other.

  4. Dave Schuler says:

    If you prowl around at my place, you’ll find that I’m a member of a dog pack (we’ve got four Samoyeds) so I think I’m qualified to comment on multiple dog households.


    Dogs are social and they like each other’s company. The same breed is a good thing—they can tell by the smell. They provide company for each other which is especially good if you’re away for a good part of the day. They’ll tend to exercise each other.


    The dynamics of a multiple dog household is a little different than with an only dog. There will be more work involved. Can you do it?

    Something depends on the temperaments of the two dogs. If either isn’t properly socialized there could be problems.

  5. Will Vehrs says:

    You should see if there are any behaviorial issues with humans, and I’m not sure of the age of Riley, but in my experience, dogs find a way to co-exist without undue strife.

  6. MB says:

    Perhaps the purchase of a very huge steel kennel for the new dog, during the day, would help establish boundaries while you’re away. Not only less stress on both dogs…Additionally, you?d have peace of mind knowing that pack fights would not occur…. When you return, the two dogs will be happy to be able to mingle… This will draw them closer.
    (Either that, or call home often) ;-)

  7. Doug says:


    We already have Riley crate-trained and, while we don’t keep him in there all the time, we call it his “house” and he is very comfortable sleeping there at night. We also took it with us to Atlanta this weekend, which necessary given the fact that there were cats in the house.

    I’ve talked to others and we are skeptical at this point. The reasons they want to get rid of the dog seem a bit suspicious. Since Lhasa’s don’t shed, the likelihood of someone being allergic is miminal at best. He may be more than they can handle. More importantly, more than one person has warned about having two male dogs in the house.

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