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The Angry Libertarian

by @ 12:16 pm on April 27, 2006. Filed under Democrats, George W Bush, Politics, Republicans

Over at The Liberty Papers, Brad Warbiany explains why he’s had it with George W. Bush.

Like Brad, I voted for Bush in 2004; largely because the alternative was simply unacceptable, and it seems Brad’s thinking was similar to mine.

Bush could have been defeated in 2004. In many ways, I wish he would have. Not by Kerry, of course. I don?t see how the Democrats could have their fingers so far from the pulse that they nominated so uncharismatic and vacillating that he couldn?t beat a weak Bush. If the Democrats had nominated someone who had come out with an understanding of at least finishing the job in Iraq, I would have voted for him.

Exactly. Sitting here 18 months later, I can honestly say that I wish I’d just not voted for President at all.

2 Responses to “The Angry Libertarian”

  1. That was the reason I wrote Lieberman in for 2004. Bush diappointed me by caving on too many things he said he’d do in 2000, and Kerry was not an alternative I was willing to lend my name to.

  2. James Young says:

    Perhaps they had “their fingers so far from the pulse” because, as usual, they had their thumbs thoroughly planted in an unsanitary bodily orifice.

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