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Carnival Of Liberty XLV

by @ 7:28 am on May 16, 2006. Filed under Blog Carnivals, Carnival Of Liberty

Good morning and welcome to the 45th edition of the Carnival of Liberty, hosted this week at Below the Beltway. I’ve been laying low in the blogosphere for the past several weeks, and I’ve really enjoyed reading this weeks entries, which hopefully will help inspire me to get back to my old habits.

But enought about me, lets get started with this week’s helping of liberty-filled goodness.

First up, Francois Tremblay asks whether the idea that society can exist without government is utopian.

The fact is that the vast majority of interactions in our lives are anarchic – they do not involve or rely on government force. Anarchy is already about 95% of our lives. This of course raises a question – if government is not necessary, and in fact harmful, to 95% of our lives, how could it possibly help the last 5% ?

An interesting question indeed. Francois has submitted many interesting and provacative posts to the Carnival of Liberty, and this one does not fail to disappoint.

Next up are a trio of articles about last week’s revelation about the NSA’s telephone call data mining. First, Homeland Stupidity examines the reaction, or lack thereof, of the American public to this latest invasion of privacy. Then, Punny Money argues that we now all have the right to sue the telephone company. Finally, though it was written before the NSA story came out, Michael at Homeland Stupidity writes about the relationship between privacy and individual liberty.

Update: As Michael points out in the comments, this last post was actually written after the NSA story came out.

Next, A Revolution of One writes about the latest Congressional threat to Internet freedom.

Next, The Pubcrawler writes about the recent death of economist John Kenneth Galbraith, who was definiately not a friend of liberty.

The London Fog is up next with two excellent posts. First, there’s a post about the latest attempts at social engineering, this time by increasing alcohol taxes to pay for mental health counseling and housing. Next is a post that examines the true sources and causes of the so-called lobbying crisis.

What is meant by a lobbyist’s special interest is often simply that he must bribe bureacrats and politicians to return to him what ought to have been his in the first place, in opposition to others trying to bribe bureaucrats and politicians against him.

And what creates this situation ? The inherent greed of capitalists, or the nature of a government that intervenes in every aspect of our lives ? I think its pretty clear that this so-called problem is completely a result of the government we have today.

Next, Ogre’s Politics & Views writes about the absurdity of open container laws.

Next, from Die Eigenheit gives us 8 reasons why voting is stupid.

Sure to be of interest to bloggers everywhere is Scatterbox’s look at fair use of news media.

Next, Indian Cowboy wreites about Evolution, Economics, and Political Philosophy.

Up next, Tom Wright contributes this post about attitudes toward teaching children about guns, gun use, and gun safety. Meanwhile Ruminating Dude writes about some interesting Christians with guns.

From My Position, meanwhile, writes about the latest news from Iraq and what it really means.

Finally, Dan Melson at Searchlight Crusade writes about mortgage prepayment penalties and the states that would purport to ban them.

And thus we close the lid on this week’s edition of the Carnival of Liberty. Thank you to everyone who has contributed this week, as well as to those people who’ve hosted over the past several weeks. Next week’s Carnival of Liberty will be hosted by Left Brain Female. If you’d like to host yourself, let me know and I’ll start handing out dates in August.

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  2. Actually, my article on privacy and liberty was written after the NSA phone record thing came out, though it stands by itself and is independent of that issue.

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  4. Michael,

    My mistake, I read the article and misread the date for some reason.

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