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A Memorable Day

by @ 10:04 am on July 2, 2006. Filed under Personal

Two years ago today, I left work a little early, got on an airplane and flew to Cleveland to spend the Fourth of July weekend with Kellie. We went out to dinner and, later at home, over a rather forgettable but always-special bottle of wine, I asked her to marry me. She said yes, of course, and the rest is a history we’re continuing to write.

Honestly, we’re not sure if the actual proposal took place on the 2nd or after midnight on the 3rd, but today’s as good a day to celebrate it as any.

One Response to “A Memorable Day”

  1. Dan Melson says:

    Well, congratulations to both of you. Marriage was the best thing that ever happened to me. May it be as good for you. Of course, I got the world’s only perfect woman; your opinion may be otherwise.

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