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Blogging History

by @ 9:40 am on July 3, 2006. Filed under History

I just noticed it today, but Rick Moran has been doing something pretty cool over at Right Wing Nut House; he’s been blogging the Battle of Gettysburg, which ended 143 years ago today.

Rick explained his experiment in this introductory post:

Last year, I carried out an experiment in blogging that was both fun and challenging for me and, I hope, entertaining for you. I decided to ?blog? the Battle of Gettysburg as if we could be magically transported back to those fateful 7 days leading up to and encompassing the battle and pretend that the internet existed in 1863. The result of this experiment was a little uneven in quality, but made me look at the battle with a whole new perspective. It is my hope that by repeating the experiment, using more maps and better sources as well as polishing some of the rough spots, I can create something that will inform and entertain both you and me.

Then, he proceeds to write about the three days of the battle, as well as the four days preceding it. The posts can be found here:

First the setup:

June 27, 1863
June 28, 1863
June 29, 1863
June 30, 1863

Then the battle itself:

July 1, 1863
July 2, 1863
July 3, 1863

If you’re a Civil War buff, or just a history buff, it makes for some great reading.

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