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How Zoning Laws Distort The Housing Market

by @ 3:12 pm on July 9, 2006. Filed under Individual Liberty, Property Rights, Zoning And Land-Use

The Washington Post has an interesting article today about the virtual lack of smaller sized homes being built in the DC area. I don’t know what its like in other parts of the country, but around here a “small” single-family home is typically no smaller than 2,500 square feet, and they just get bigger from there. That, along with the price of land itself, is one of the main reasons that looking for a single family home anywhere in the immediate Washington, DC area means being willing to spend at least a half a million dollars.

I have an article up about this issue at The Liberty Papers looking at the reasons that the market has gotten this way, and specifically at one area nobody seems to want to change; zoning and land use laws.

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