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The Condi Rice Gambit

by @ 9:45 am on July 10, 2006. Filed under 2008 Election, Condi Rice, Politics

From Ann Althouse comes news that Republicans continue to pin their hopes on Condoleeza Rice as a Hillary-stopper in 2008:

A disparate group of Internet gurus, political junkies and foes of Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is pushing a Rice candidacy even though President Bush’s top diplomat has said repeatedly that she has no desire to be president.

But the Republican also has declined invitations to rule out a bid in 2008, spoken about the likelihood of a minority winning the White House in her lifetime and taken steps to soften her image words and deeds that have provided a glimmer of hope to her fans.

Mick Wright, a webmaster in Memphis, Tenn., is one of more than a dozen people who registered draft-Rice Web sites in the year after Bush was re-elected.

“Once that was all over, you started thinking, what’s going to happen in the next election?” said Wright, a co-founder of “The first one to come to mind as a viable candidate was Condoleezza Rice.”

Rice has denied numerous times that she has any interest in running for President, and yet these groups persist in their belief that she is being slightly disingenuous:

Greg Haas, an Ohio-based Democratic strategist, said Rice’s image makeover is a telltale sign.

“The fact of the matter is when you see somebody revolutionize their style, their appearance and their speaking manner, that is not happening all by itself,” said Haas, who ran Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign in Ohio. “She has clearly begun presenting a different image, moving from a harsh persona to one of a more warm public official.”

In a comment to Ann’s post, I had this to say:

I like Condi. I think she’s been a great Secretary of State, but I have no basis whatsoever for knowing whether or not she’d be a good President.

Where does she stand on domestic issues ? Supreme Court appointments ? Does she approve of the out-of-control spending we’ve seen out of Washington the last 6 years ?

Until I know the answer to these questions, I can’t even begin to think seriously about voting for her. And neither should anyone else

Some Republicans, though, seem to like living in Fantasyland.

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