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Virginia Blog Carnival: July 10, 2006 Edition

by @ 5:57 am on July 10, 2006. Filed under Blog Carnivals, Virginia Blog Carnival

Good morning and welcome to the July 10th, 2006 edition of the Virginia Blog Carnival. This is the first edition of the Carnival under new management, Kat has officially taken over managment of the carnival from Chad Dotson. Chad did a great job starting up the Carnival and keeping it going over the past year, and I’m sure Kat will do a great job as well.

So, without further delay, lets get on with this week’s edition.

First, Alton Foley checks in from Collinsville where he places Al Gore, and the science behind his new movie under the microscope.

By now we have all heard of Dr. Gore’s dire predictions regarding global warming. You remember Dr. Gore, right? He was the inventor of the internet, a French scholar at 15 while plowing hillsides in Eastern Tennessee, a consultant to the author of the best selling novel and eventual movie, Love Story, and was once even the President of the United States (Senate).

It just gets better from there, go read the whole thing.

Next, Leslie Carbone goes to the movies and tells us why the movie version of The Devil Wears Prada is better than the book. Usually, its the other way around isn’t it ?

From there we go to Spank That Donkey who has a look at the same sex marriage debate from a different perspective.

Next, from Hampton Roads, Virginia Conservative Analysis reports on George Allen’s speech to the American Legion convention this past weekend and contrasts it with Jim Webb’s appearance.

Next, Chad Dotson at Commonwealth Conservative contibutes his weekly Weekend Caption Contest.

Next, is my own contribution this week, which happens to be a recap of our 4th of July weekend drives around Northern and Central Virginia.

Finally, Equality Loudoun, from Loudoun County, of course, takes a critical look at last week’s New York Court of Appeals decision on same-sex marriage.

Update 7/11/06: One final contribution that should have made it into the Carnival but didn’t. Rick Sincere takes a look at Virginia’s greatest contribution to liberty, Thomas Jefferson.
And thus we come to the end of this week’s Virginia Blog Carnival. Thanks to the contributors for another round of great hosts. Next week’s Virginia Blog Carnival will be hosted at ImNotEmeril so be sure to get those submissions in !

4 Responses to “Virginia Blog Carnival: July 10, 2006 Edition”

  1. Kat says:

    Oh, drat, drat DRAT!!!! I didn’t get you one submission, from Rick Sincere…

    Bruce got the Carnival Submit Form updated very quickly, and I forgot to let you know how to access it… I’m bouncing over and letting him know what happened.

    *sigh* Ah, well, first week bobbles… [frowning at self]

    — Kat

  2. Rick Sincere says:

    Thanks for stepping up to bat for me, Kat. My nose was a bit scrunched up, too, as I looked over the Virginia Blog Carnival and noting my entry was missing. I _knew_ I had submitted it in time.

    I’m checking my own schedule to see when I might be able to volunteer to host the carnival later this year.

  3. Current Hosting schedule July-August 2006

    Please remember, these dates are Mondays. Submissions are due the day before, no later than 6p.m., and earlier if at all possible.
    10 July – Below the Beltway – the first host under the new (yikes!) management! Due to my dropping the ball, one submis…

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