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The Advance Of The Anti-Hillary

by @ 12:10 pm on July 13, 2006. Filed under 2008 Election, Mark Warner, Politics

As I’ve written before, there are those who are looking to former Virginia Governor Mark Warner as the anti-Hillary in the race for the 2008 Democratic nomination. Up until now, though, he’s kept his own intentions well hidden. If this report on his fundraising activities is any indication, though, he’s got 2008 on his mind.

Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner (D) has ramped up his fundraising for congressional Democratic incumbents and challengers, signaling a national organizing strategy to position the centrist Southerner for a White House bid in 2008.

In June, Forward Together, Warner?s PAC, contributed $392,400 to House and Senate Democratic candidates and he gave $15,000 to both the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), said Ellen Qualls, Forward Together?s spokeswoman.

Separately, Warner gave $164,000 to House Democratic candidates and more than $72,000 to Senate Democratic candidates, as well as $36,500 to state parties, during the first three months of 2006, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Since Warner began raising money after the 2005 November election, Forward Together has raked in $8.2 million and contributed $860,500 to 108 candidates and political committees. He has hired several top Democratic political consultants, including longtime Democratic operative Monica Dixon, pollster Peter Hart and New Democrat political guru and speechwriter Kenneth Baer.

?Mark Warner wants to redefine the Democratic Party to be the party of the future rather than a point on the ideological spectrum,? Qualls said. ?We?re looking to make a difference in races, to support candidates who are about results over rhetoric.?

Sounds like a guy running for President if you ask me. And so does this:

Warner has targeted candidates and party organizations in states that hold early presidential-nominating contests. He gave $15,000 to the New Hampshire Democratic Party and $5,000 each to the party organizations in Iowa, Maine and Arizona.

Yep, definiately a candidate.

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