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At The Liberty Papers

by @ 1:23 pm on July 14, 2006. Filed under Blogging, General, The Liberty Papers

There have been several posts up at The Liberty Papers this week that deserve your attention.

Brad Warbiany posted two items yesterday. The first was a look at the decision by a Georgia Federal Judge striking down Georgia’s voter ID law. The second is a great essay that still has me thinking about how children fit into a libertarian framework of individual liberty. If I work up some thoughts worth sharing, I’ll post something over there, but probably not until next week.

I’ve also got a few things up over there as well, including an article on the impact of land-use regulation on the price of homes, another about the impact of a specific type of land-use regulation on a Fairfax County family, and a discussion of the risks we would face in calling a Constitutional Convention.

Finally for links to a series of great posts on the gay marriage issue, go to my post from Sunday.

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