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Fidelissimo Caption Contest

by @ 7:59 pm on August 14, 2006. Filed under Cuba

I found this photo via a link at Vodkapundit and it was just calling me to turn it into a caption contest.

Fidel and Hugo Chavez. Do your best:

8 Responses to “Fidelissimo Caption Contest”

  1. James Young says:

    Even Hillary Clinton recognized that socialized medicine would no longer sell when Fidel Castro demonstrated the miracles of modern sigmoidiscopy under Cuba’s system.

  2. James Young says:

    “Hey, Hugo, can you take it like a man?”

  3. Monica Lewinsky’s dream cigar is Bill Clinton’s envy.

  4. Fidel passing the baton to the new socialist moron.

  5. click here to see the truth about red states, blue states. (notice the shirts, and that’s no bull)

  6. only the live socialists cast shadows?

  7. I know this is late in the game, but I had a flash of inspiration (the nausea went away eventually)…..

    Poster boys for Gay Pride 2006

    I’d continue on saying “coming to a city near you”, but I’d end up tossing my wine, and I spent too much money on it for that.

  8. How about;

    The 3rd world’s idea of safe sex

    Okay. I’m done. Sorry.

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