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Replacing The House That Ruth Built

by @ 11:15 pm on August 16, 2006. Filed under Baseball, New York Yankees, Sports

Well, today it became official; the Yankees broke ground on construction of the next Yankee Stadium:

NEW YORK — The New York Yankees and politicians broke ground Wednesday on a billion-dollar stadium project across the street from The House That Ruth Built.

In front of a huge rendering of the new Yankee Stadium, team owner George Steinbrenner, Gov. George Pataki, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others, some wearing Yankees hard hats, plunged shovels into some loosened dirt.

Uncharictaristically, George Steinbrenner, the man who has led the Yankees for more than 30 years, was a man of few words:

During 90 minutes of speeches, only Steinbrenner, who complained of the heat, was brief.

“It’s a pleasure to give this to you people,” he said. “Enjoy the new stadium. I hope it’s wonderful.”

Details and pictures of what the new Yankee Stadium will look like can be found here.

2 Responses to “Replacing The House That Ruth Built”

  1. Out with the old

    All ballparks get torn down eventually. Wrigley and Fenway will meet the wrecking ball one day. When these parks are gone, so will be much of baseball history.

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