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Bad For Virginia

by @ 7:37 am on October 2, 2006. Filed under 2006 Election, George Allen, Politics, Virginia, Virginia Politics

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Senate race between George Allen and James Webb has become one of the dirtiest in recent memory, now it looks like it’s having an impact on the image of Virginia as a whole:

RICHMOND — Virginia is taking it on the chin these days.

Its legislature has become synonymous with inaction, having squabbled for eight months about taxes and roads, then returned for a special session last week only to abandon efforts to end congestion after less than 48 hours.

And its U.S. Senate race has become daily fodder for late-night talk show hosts, international gossip rags, partisan blogs and television comedians.

“In Virginia, it has its upside, being considered racist,” joked Jon Stewart on Wednesday night on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” noting the latest allegations that Sen. George Allen (R) had once used a racial epithet.

The next night, Stewart was at it again, this time chuckling over Allen’s excuse for once displaying a Confederate flag: that he was rebellious in his youth.

“Since when is hoisting a Confederate flag in Virginia rebellious?” Stewart asked, his incredulous expression prompting guffaws from the studio audience. After pointing out that Democrat James Webb once called a Naval Academy dorm a “horny woman’s dream,” Stewart said: “Well, Virginia. It’s now up to you. Which of these two men will help you build a bridge to, let’s say, the early- to mid-20th century?”

Allen even found himself parodied on “Saturday Night Live,” where the Weekend Update crew made fun of him as a racist cowboy who makes up silly words. “I’m just a good old Virginia boy with Virginia values that I learned growing up in [an] affluent part of Southern California,” the bogus Allen said.

None of it is a laughing matter for the participants, who are struggling to talk about issues amid the accusations and jokes. But the hoopla is also tarnishing Virginia’s image as the commonwealth prepares to celebrate its 400th birthday next year.

And we have nobody to thank for this but the candidates, their advisors, and, of course, the press.

2 Responses to “Bad For Virginia”

  1. George Allen for Senate

    The Staunton News Network picked George Allen as the best candidate for Staunton Citizens. Based on information, plans and ethics, the Staunton News Network feels that James Webb is playing too dirty to even be considered.

    While James Webb focuses on …

  2. GATC says:

    Get real and cry me a river! True Virginians (those south of the Rappahanock at least), or maybe native born NoVAs, couldn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks about them or the State. We’ve been doing this since 1607 dude, read the license plates for crying out loud.

    Macaccagate is nothing compared to past campaigns. Virginius Dabney’s “Virginia: the New Dominion” can fill you in on some of the fun and games that have occurred since reconstruction and believe me, the current circus is hardly worth the effort or anything compared to your NJ boys.

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