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The Election Is Almost Over…..Thank God

by @ 1:37 pm on November 6, 2006. Filed under 2006 Election, Politics, Virginia Gay Marriage Amendment

One of the reasons I’ve been quiet for most of the past month is that there has been only one thing to talk about — the 2006 mid-term elections — and there really isn’t anything good to say about them.

Despite clear evidence that they will lose one or both Houses of Congress, some Republicans seem optimistic to the point of self-delusion. And the Democrats aren’t any better. Is anyone really going to sleep better at night with Alcee Hastings heading up the House Intelligence Committee or Charlie Rangel heading up the Ways To Be Mean Committee ? And the idea of Nancy Pelosi being second in line to succeed to the Presidency is enough to keep me awake at night from now until 2008.

But this was the Republican Party’s election to lose, and they’ve done everything they can to lose it. Any semblance of fiscal conservatism or adherence to principle went out the window years ago. The Republicans may have cut our taxes, a little bit, but what have they done to control the growth of spending ? Nothing significant that I can think of. Its no wonder, then, that some on the right are saying that the GOP deserves to lose this year. They certainly haven’t done anything to prove that they deserve to win.

But it seems that the overriding issue tomorrow will be the War in Iraq. Whether you supported the war at the beginning or not, I think its clear that, at this point, something has gone terribly wrong in that country. I don’t pretend to know what the answer is, or what we should do about it, but I do know that continuing to do the same thing we have since April 2003 isn’t going to work.

That said, I will be voting tomorrow. I was tempted not too. After all, here in Prince William County we have someone running as a Republican to head to County Board of Supervisors on the promise that he will “control growth” a/k/a restrict property rights.? His opponent, however, is even worse. But there is one thing on the ballot that I feel compelled to go and vote against, even though I will probably end up being in the minority — the Virginia Gay Marriage Amendment.

A more pernicious anti-freedom ballot measure I can hardly think of, but it will, sadly, be approved by the voters of the birthplace of Jefferson, Madison, Henry, and Mason.

One Response to “The Election Is Almost Over…..Thank God”

  1. Nathan says:

    Good analysis and you’re quite right: This was the GOP’s to lose. They lost it for several reasons which you mentioned, but I’d like to add that they treated conservatives and liberatarians like the crazy aunt you keep hidden in the attic.

    I fear the RINOs have taken control of the GOP. We went from Reagan and Gingrich to McCain and Hagel.

    And if the GOP continues being Democrat-Light, then they will lose the White House in 2008. I’m already considering a Beltway outsider who’s already declared his run for the GOP nomination – John Cox. He’s conservative and he’s for smaller government, but he’s actually run a successful business in Chicago, as well.

    The issue I believe that killed the GOP’s chances today is illegal immigration. People got hip to their phony reform bill and 700 mile fence. And if they keep listening to the NY Times, they will remain out of power.

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