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The Stupid Party

by @ 8:09 am on November 13, 2006. Filed under 2006 Election, Politics, Republicans

In today’s Washington Post, Bob Novak tells why, once again, the GOP qualifies as the stupid party:

The depleted House Republican caucus, a minority in the next Congress, convenes in the Capitol at 8 a.m. Friday on the brink of committing an act of supreme irrationality. The House members blame their leadership for their tasting the bitter dregs of defeat. Yet the consensus so far is that, in secret ballot, they will reelect some or all of those leaders.

In private conversation, Republican members of Congress blame Majority Leader John Boehner and Majority Whip Roy Blunt in no small part for their midterm election debacle. Yet either Boehner, Blunt or both are expected to be returned to their leadership posts Friday. For good reason, the GOP often is called “the stupid party.

The very least one would have hoped for from Tuesday’s results was a leadership change in the GOP. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely to occur.

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  1. [...] The Republican Party, after losing their majority in the midterms, should be looking at themselves and realizing why they have lost. The key word in that sentence is should. Instead, the Republicans appear to be ready to reelect their House leadership and a man whose only qualification is that he’s a Bush loyalist will be become RNC chairman. [...]

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