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Is Tony Blair Going Wobbly ?

by @ 5:06 pm on November 19, 2006. Filed under Al Qaeda, Iraq, War On Terror

It’s no secret that British Prime Minister Tony Blair has paid a heavy political price for supporting the policies of the United States, and specifically the Iraq War, in the War on Terror. Now, it appears that he may be wavering:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Sunday that brokering an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal would help diminish the anger fueling Islamic militants in places outside the Middle East, such as Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Blair, speaking after a meeting with Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf, said more aid, moderate Islamic role models and a lasting resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were key to defeating Islamic extremism.

“This global extremism is an ideology that exploits grievances. So what we have to do is at the same time as we are taking on the ideology, we have to take away those elements of grievance,” he said.

But wouldn’t the Islamofascists just find something else to be upset about ? Look at Osama bin Laden, his supposed grievance, in the beginning, was the presence of American troops on the “holy land” of Saudi Arabia. Those troops were removed years ago and yet Al Qaeda continues to target the United States. The grievance now has expanded to the point where, last year, bin Laden’s No. 2 pretty much said that the only way the United States can escape more terrorist attacks is if we all convert to Islam.

Solving the Palestinian problem, as if that is a problem capable of being solved, would only cause the terrorists to focus on something else.

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