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What A Season

by @ 12:48 am on November 21, 2006. Filed under College Sports, Ohio State Buckeyes, Sports

Brad Warbiany posts his wrap-up of the 2006 Big Ten Season and this summary of the Buckeyes that I can’t disagree with at all:

What can you say about the Buckeyes this year? Really, it all comes down to two words: Troy Smith. The odds-on favorite for the Heisman, Smith has been the key to the OSU offense all year long. A few years ago, Smith was known for his propensity to pull down the ball and run. He?s got great scrambling ability, and he?s added a strong, accurate arm to go with it. He?s known as a scrambler, but instead of pulling the ball down and running, he scrambles with his eyes downfield to make a big play. How do you defend a guy like this?

I can’t disagree, especially given, this clip that Brad links to from the game that Kellie I watched in person:

Go Bucs !

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