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Why You’ll Never See A Real Debate On CNN

by @ 7:20 am on December 1, 2006. Filed under Freedom of Religion, Individual Liberty, Media

I wrote earlier this week at The Liberty Papers about talk-show host Dennis Prager’s apoplectic reaction to the fact that Keith Ellison, the first Muslim member of Congress, might be sworn in with his hand on the Koran rather than the Bible.

Yesterday, Paula Zahn’s show on CNN featured a debate between Prager and UCLA Law Professor, and chief Volokh conspirator, Eugene Volokh. Prager, true to his form, was a raving idiot while Professor Volokh pointed out repeatedly that the Constitution was clear on this issue and that Prager’s assertion that Ellison was somehow required to use the Bible is entirely without merit.

But Paula Zahn didn’t want to hear it. She kept cutting Volokh off and going to back to Prager, allowing him to make yet another outrageous and stupid comment. I’m not sure if it’s just because Paula is an idiot herself and unable to digest an intellectual argument, or if she just was going to the sensationalism. Either way, it was an embarrassing spectacle.

Watch the whole video here.

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  1. Webloggin says:

    CAIR Wants Prager Fired From the Holocaust Council

    I demand that CAIR be removed from the United States of America for their involvement with Hamas. I also request that Ellison be looked at very closely since most of his funding came from CAIR.

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