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What’s Wrong With The Prince William GOP ?

Outside of elections, I don’t usually write about Virginia politics, but this article, which I wrote about yesterday at The Liberty Papers, has me outraged:

Prince William County supervisors, angry that the state government is not responding to residents tired of traffic congestion, say they will approve a radical plan Tuesday to halt construction of new homes in Virginia’s second-largest county.

In interviews, the seven board members said they will back a proposal by Supervisor W.S. Covington III (R-Brentsville) to freeze residential development as a way to spur Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) and the General Assembly to take action to improve Northern Virginia’s road network.

This is a Republican proposing this folks, and he’s hardly alone in his beliefs when you look at his fellow Prince William County Republicans:

In last month’s election, Prince William residents chose a new board chairman, Corey A. Stewart (R), who promised to check development.


“The board is going to proceed with the resolution, and we are going to pass it,” said Stewart, who was elected to fill the remaining year of the term of Sean T. Connaughton (R), who resigned to take another job. “During that one-year window, I am going to lead some long-term land-use reform to permanently slow residential development.”


Supervisor Martin E. Nohe (R-Coles) said that Covington’s proposal has generated a lot of debate about development but that the board really is focusing on transportation. “I think what this does is gives us the tools to link growth and transportation,” he said.

Just because you have the tools doesn’t mean you should use them Supervisor. Does the idea that this is just plain wrong not occur to any of you ? Apparently not.

I held my nose and voted for Corey Stewart in November largely because his opponent was even worse than he was, but no more. If he, or any other Republican member of the Board of Supervisors, votes in favor of this proposed moratorium, they will never get a vote from me again.

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