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What We Know Ain’t Always So

by @ 11:13 am on December 9, 2006. Filed under In The News, Science, Technology

Remember the cell phone cancer scare ? Well, there’s nothing to worry about:

WASHINGTON – Using a cellular phone does not increase a person’s risk of cancer, according to a broad study released on Tuesday involving more than 400,000 Danish cellular telephone users.

A team of researchers used data on the entire population of Denmark to determine that neither short- nor long-term use of cellular phones, also called mobile phones, was linked to a greater risk of tumors of the brain and nervous system, salivary gland or eyes, leukemia or cancer overall.

Schuz’s team studied data on 420,095 Danish cell phone users (357,553 men and 62,542 women) who first subscribed for mobile service between 1982 and 1995 and were followed through 2002 — meaning some were tracked for two decades. The researchers then compared their cancer incidence to the rest of Denmark’s population.

A total of 14,249 cancer cases were seen among the cellular telephone users, a number that was lower than would be expected for that population, according to the study appearing in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Hey does that mean that using a cell phone decreases your cancer risk ? Of course not.

But what this does show is that, once again, popular fear and what we think we know usually turns out to be wrong. Fortunately, we found out the answer to this one before the government started legislating based on our fear.

H/T: The Unrepentant Individual

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