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Casino Royale: A Movie Review

by @ 2:49 pm on December 10, 2006. Filed under Movie Reviews, Movies

Kellie and I went to a late afternoon showing of the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale, yesterday. While I’m not a James Bond fantic, I am a fan of the series so I was curious to see how Daniel Craig would do in his first shot at a role made famous by Sean Connery and most recently played by Pierce Brosnan (who many considered the perfect James Bond, but he never quite did it for me). Also, I’d heard a lot about the movie over the past week from co-workers who told me I was a definite must-see.

Well, for once, a movie has lived up to the hype.

Craig is fabulous in the role, which bodes well for what looks like it will be a re-imagined version of the Bond series. Kellie was actually the first to notice this, but the movie definitely has a 24-like feel to it, although not in a copycat way. The action sequences, especially a chase sequence near the very beginning of the movie, were fabulous. And, of course, there were the Bond gadgets and the Bond girls. In other words, something for everyone.

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