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Homeland Security Insanity

by @ 1:56 pm on December 12, 2006. Filed under Homeland Security, Ohio State Buckeyes

I don’t know about you, and while he may be a threat to the Florida Gators, I’m pretty sure Troy Smith is not a threat to the country:

Troy Smith‘s Heisman Trophy was shipped home because airport security would not allow the Ohio State quarterback to take it on the plane Tuesday.

Smith wore a black leather jacket with the Heisman insignia on back when he arrived at the airport from New York, where he was presented college football’s most coveted trophy.

Yea, he looks like a terrorist to me alright:

Like Brad, I feel much, much safer now that the threat of Heisman-carrying terrorists is being taken seriously.

Update @ 4:25pm: Or, maybe not. The Columbus Dispatch is reporting a different story.

Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith returned to Columbus today without his Heisman Trophy, a move designed to ensure the award arrives in one piece, and not a conspiracy by Wolverine-loving airport security, as some have suggested.

The Associated Press reported that Smith was not allowed to take his trophy on the plane. In fact, Smith didn’t even take the 25-pound bronze statue to the airport.

Smith had his trophy packed up and shipped before he went to the airport, a school spokesman said.

H/T: Brendan Loy

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