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Yes, Our Dog Is An Internet Star

by @ 11:38 pm on December 29, 2006. Filed under Personal, Tales Of The Dog

In the fall of this year, our Lhasa Apso, Riley, began having some behavioral issues which stemmed mainly from what was clearly a bad experience with a groomer my wife Kellie and I had previously thought to be completely reliable. After consulting with our veterinarian, we enrolled him in training classes to cure what? turned out a be a bit of a dominant streak.

Not only did Riley do well in his training, he got himself named Dog Of The Month for January 2007.

The only problem is that now he’s really quite full of himself.

But still, we’re proud of the little guy.

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One Response to “Yes, Our Dog Is An Internet Star”

  1. marlene wargo says:

    That’s my cousin…star power, love Kirby and Sophie

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