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Abraham Cherrix Update

by @ 9:07 am on January 7, 2007. Filed under Individual Liberty

It’s been some time since I’ve blogged about Abraham Cherrix, the Virginia teenager who found himself in a Court battle with Accomack County over whether he would be forced to undergo cancer treatment he didn’t want to receive. After a month-long ordeal, the matter was settled and Abraham was allowed to undergo the therapy that he and his parents had chosen.

Now fellow Virginia blogger Vivian Paige points to this article in the Virginian-Pilot that indicates things have not exactly gone well for Abraham or his family:

Abraham Cherrix, the 16-year-old Chincoteague boy who fought in court for the right to seek alternative treatment for his Hodgkin’s disease, will require more radiation treatment to treat his condition.

Rose Cherrix, the teen’s mother, said Friday that Abraham’s most recent scans and blood tests show he has swollen lymph nodes in his armpit area, which his doctor advises more radiation to treat.

The swollen lymph nodes could indicate active cancer cells.

Rose Cherrix said the tumors in

Abraham’s neck and near his windpipe, however, have not grown since he left Mississippi, where he received low-dose, targeted radiation treatment this fall from Dr. Arnold Smith, a radiation oncologist.

The tumors had shrunk from the time Abraham started treatment in Mississippi in September to when he left in October.

The article goes on the say that Cherrix’s parents have separated due, in part it seems to the stress the last year has put on the family, and that a return to Mississippi would be a financial hardship for the family.

Vivian makes this point:

I still support the right of the family to make their own medical decisions in this case but I have to wonder if the price they have paid in doing so has been higher than they anticipated.

My position from the summer is also unchanged. Abraham and his family have the right to decide how to deal with this horrible card that they’ve been dealt, and the state has no business getting involved. Have they paid a price for their decision ? Perhaps, but, quite honestly, there is no guarantee that things would have been any different if Abraham had undergone traditional chemotherapy.

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2 Responses to “Abraham Cherrix Update”

  1. Dorothy says:

    I get google alerts for Abraham Cherrix since I want to keep on top of what’s going on with him in cyberspace as I don’t see his family very often, and that’s how I landed on your blog. I’m really saddened that his parents have split up. I felt it coming, but hoped it wouldn’t come to this. I spoke to Rose a few months ago and she said things weren’t going well, but I didn’t know it was a sure thing that they separate. This really upsets me, too. They are one of the most loving families you would ever see, but the stress from everything must have sent one or both over the edge. God love these children and hope all of them gets through this.

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