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Finding Great Restaurants In the Washington, D.C. Area

by @ 11:37 pm on January 9, 2007. Filed under Food, Virginia, Washington DC

If you live in the Washington, D.C. area and looking for great places to eat that aren’t chain restaurants, then there’s a resource for you.

Several months ago, Kellie and I were clued into something called Tastings Journal.

Once a month, for at least a week and sometimes longer, they team up with a restaurant in the D.C. area to offer a four or five course tasting menu, usually including paired wines or other drinks, for what are really good prices (typically from $ 45 to $ 55 per person for the entire tasting).

Thanks to these guys, we’ve discovered two great restaurants we might not have found otherwise; Cabanas at Georgetown Harbour and 100 King in Alexandria. Next week, we’ll be going to a new restaurant downtown and the tasting menu there looks great.

If you’re interested, you can go to their website and sign up to get on the mailing list.

2 Responses to “Finding Great Restaurants In the Washington, D.C. Area”

  1. nickfinity says:

    A good resource, IMO, for checking out menus in DC (and some other areas) is MenuPages – They don’t offer any discounts that I’m aware of, but at least you can see what is on the menu.

  2. [...] Last night, Kellie and I had dinner at this new restaurant attached to the Renaissance Hotel on 9th Street in D.C. and had a great night. It was another one of the Tastings Journal events that I wrote about earlier this month. [...]

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