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Reviewing WordPress 2.1 a/k/a Ella

by @ 11:22 pm on January 28, 2007. Filed under Blogging

I’ve been a fan of WordPress since I started using it last April, so I kind of figured that I’d like the 2.1 upgrade. What I really appreciated, though, was, the fact that they decided to name it after my favorite female jazz singer.

You won’t really notice it on the blog-readers side, but there are several major improvements for bloggers who use WordPress that make the upgrade worthwhile.

Automatic updates of posts while they are being written is one. Seamless switching between the rich-text and html editor is another. Integration with scheduled backup plugins is yet another.? But don’t let me be the one to convince you, further details can be found here.

Quite honestly, though, if you use WordPress and haven’t upgraded, you really should.

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