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Unmasking The Enemy

by @ 1:36 am on January 30, 2007. Filed under 24, Television

I’m not quite sure what it is, but there’s got to be one hell of a backstory between the Bauer boys. On the one hand we have Jack, the cold-blooded former military CTU agent intent on doing whatever it takes to save his country. On the other we have Graem, who apparently followed Poppa Bauer into the family business, but decided to skip the ethics classes while getting his MBA. They obviously don’t like each other very much. After all, at the end of last week’s episode, Jack was smothering his brother with a dry cleaning back. And, well, last season Graem sold his brother out to the Chinese. Somewhere along the way I’m wondering if this didn’t all start with two little boys arguing over some Legos.

Whatever the case, as is typical for 24, we are starting to see the plot of this season move in directions that were not at all apparent when the mushroom cloud rose over Valencia only a few short hours ago. In Washington, Tom Lennox a/k/a the weird lawyer from Ally McBeal is making John Ashcroft and Don Rumsfeld look like card-carrying members of the ACLU with his proposals for curtailments of civil liberties that would make even Richard Nixon cringe. After forcing Karen Hayes out as National Security Advisor, and sending her on a plane back to Los Angeles where we will see her sometime in March or April, the path seems clear for him to use his influence over a surprisingly weak President Wayne Palmer to adopt policies that would make the detention of Japanese-Americans in the 1940s seem like anarchy.

And the curtailment of civil liberties hits home in CTU Los Angeles as Nadia, who is apparently of Middle Eastern decent, finds her security clearance curtailed. Everyone is outraged by this, but something tells me that their efforts to help her evade the restrictions are going to end badly.

But the central focus of the story is the clan Bauer. It turns out that Poppa Bauer’s company had a contract with the US Government to assist in the decommissioning of Russian nuclear weapons and contracted this work out to a man who, at least without the knowledge of Poppa Bauer, sold five suitcase nukes to Abu Fayed. Poppa reacts like a corporate magnate under investigation and tries to cover it up to protect himself and Graem. But, in the end, it turns out that Graem has an agenda all his own and Poppa and Jack are sent off to die while Graem steals Jack’s Ford Expedition.

Something tells me this isn’t going to end well.

For Graem that is.

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2 Responses to “Unmasking The Enemy”

  1. Valencia?!?!

    They didn’t even nuke somewhere nice?

  2. Brad,

    The nuke went off at the end of the 4th episode of the season. It was triggered by one of the terrorists just as an anti-terrorist team was being moved into position. It was, I think, intended for another target.

    I didn’t understand it at first either. Its sort of like bringing a nuke in the NYC area and then using it on Jersey City.

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