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Amazon And TiVo Teaming Up

by @ 1:25 pm on February 7, 2007. Filed under Technology, TiVo

Speaking as both a loyal Amazon customer and a new TiVo user, this is very interesting

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 6 ?, the online retail giant, and TiVo, pioneer of the digital video recorder, are teaming up to help downloaded movies and TV shows make the leap to television screens.

In a deal to be announced Wednesday, Amazon and TiVo will allow TiVo owners who shop on Amazon?s digital download store, called Amazon Unbox, to send films and TV shows to their broadband-connected TiVo machines, and pause and fast-forward through them as they do a regular TV program.


TiVo and Amazon will begin testing the new service on Wednesday and plan to make it available more broadly in the coming weeks to the 1.5 million owners of broadband-connected TiVos.

To activate the service, TiVo owners must register their machines on Amazon?s site. With each purchase or rental, they will have the option to send a digital copy of the movie or show to their TiVos, in addition to downloading it to their PC.

There is no additional charge for the service, which is called Amazon Unbox on TiVo. The service will not work for satellite or cable TV subscribers whose set-top boxes run TiVo software.

Very interesting to say the least.

3 Responses to “Amazon And TiVo Teaming Up”

  1. Ahh, so you finally bit and bought a TiVo… Isn’t it awesome?

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  3. Brad,

    Awesome doesn’t begin to describe it.

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