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Joining TiVo Nation

by @ 11:50 am on February 8, 2007. Filed under Technology, TiVo

Since Brad asked in his comment to this post, yes, it is true that the Mataconis family is now part of TiVo nation. We purchased our 2-tuner unit at the end of December and have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since. It truly does revolutionize the way you watch television.

The transition became complete last night when I was finally able to set up a wireless network in the house and hook the TiVo box into the network. In addition to allowing us to take advantage of a host of great features, this also means that we basically no longer have a reason to have a home telephone line.? I expect will be getting rid of that and going totally wireless soon.

2 Responses to “Joining TiVo Nation”

  1. You still have a home phone line? That’s SOOO last century!

    I actually fought quite a bit with my wife about the home phone line. She wanted it in case of emergencies… I told her it was just as likely to be out of operation in an emergency as her cell phone. Probably even more so, because she (of course) bought a cordless, so it doesn’t even work when the power goes out…

    So we had it for about a year, then got rid of it. Then I started working from home, and my employer said “you need a home phone line!” So now I’ve got it back, but at least they’re paying for it…

  2. Brad,

    The lack of the wireless network was the last thing holding us back from getting rid of the phone line.

    Interestingly enough, family members in Atlanta have told us that they couldn’t dump their phone line because it was needed by the security system.

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