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The Difference Between Democracy And Liberty

by @ 4:25 pm on March 4, 2007. Filed under Foreign Affairs

A couple days ago, I put up a post at The Liberty Papers, where I pretty much endorsed the idea of a military coup to overthrow the evolving dictatorship that is Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. It evoked quite a bit of commentary to the post itself and over at

Suffice it to say that my suggestion that a temporary military junta would be preferable to Cindy Sheehan’s favorite South American dictator has evoked some controversy.

Frankly, if I can count Hugo Chavez and anyone else who thinks he’s good for the people of Venezuela among my enemies, that’s pretty much an indication to me that I’m on the right track and, as my fellow Liberty Papers contributor Brad Warbiany says:

Whether Chavez was elected democratically or not, he is acting as a dictator in ways to fundamentally destroy the liberties of the people of Venezuela. Thus, it is my position that he should be removed from power, for the good of the Venezuelan people. Now, I?m not advocating that this be something the United States get involved with. After all, while Chavez is a loudmouth, he doesn?t threaten the United States. However, should he be overthrown from within by forces who will restore the liberties of the Venezuelan people, I?ll be raising my glass in support.

The only thing bad about this is that, in addition to the really nice cigar I have to get to celebrate Fidel’s hopefully soon demise, I now have to invest in a really nice bottle of wine to celebrate the also hopefully soon downfall of Hugo Chavez.

Then again, what’s a little credit card debt when it comes to celebrating the death of a tyrant.

2 Responses to “The Difference Between Democracy And Liberty”

  1. lifeofliberty says:

    Dickwad. You didn’t say a damned thing about democracy, or liberty. Instead, you advocate a military take over for a democratically elected President. Several times I might add.

    Count me among your enemies. If your one of those brown-nosing ass-sniffing butt-crack loving lawyers in Washington, then you were my enemy already. I wish America had Chavez, he’d be a much better candidate for the job then that moron we’re gotten stuck with.

  2. Well…

    I am an attorney, but I practice in Manassas, Virginia not Washington.

    If you would actually read what I wrote yesterday, and understand what James Madison said in Federalist No. 10 when he spoke of the tyranny of the majority, you’d realize that democracy and liberty are not necessarily connected.

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