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Fred Thompson For President ?

by @ 3:04 pm on March 9, 2007. Filed under 2008 Election, Fred Thompson, Politics

Alexander Bolton has an article in today’s edition of The Hill revealing what appears to be the beginnings of a White House run by former Tennessee Senator and actor Fred Thompson:

Former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker (R-Tenn.) is contacting powerbrokers in the Republican Party to build support for a 2008 presidential campaign by his one-time prot?g?, former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.).

Baker, who Wednesday made a visit to the Senate, was asked by several Republicans about his involvement on Thompson?s behalf.

?He said, ?I am making a few calls and I think it?s a great idea,?? said one Senate Republican who heard Baker discuss his efforts to advance Thompson?s prospects.

One Republican who discussed a possible bid with Thompson described his interest and Baker?s queries as ?a friendly exploration.?

Jonathan Singer points out the significance of this early probing for one John McCain:

[T]he fact that Thompson is so clearly testing the waters, particularly when one of his closest allies from his Senate days, John McCain, is trying to establish himself as the candidate of the Republican elite, is quite telling. And it may be that Thompson has the potential to usurp that role McCain is so desperately seeking through his blatant pandering to conservatives within the GOP. According to Ken Herman of Cox Newspapers, former Senate Majority Leader, 1976 GOP vice presidential nominee and 1996 GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole seems to be holding out for a candidate that is not yet in the race. While Dole could have been talking about Gingrich, with whom he had a somewhat frosty relationship when the two were leaders in Congress; or Chuck Hagel, with whom I am not certain he has much of a connection as the two did not serve on Capitol Hill; or even his wife, who made a quickly aborted run for the party’s presidential nomination in 2000, it’s quite conceivable that Dole was signaling potential support for a Thompson candidacy

It has been quite clear for some time that the Republican leadership is not thrilled with the idea of John McCain as their nominee, and the two major alternatives — Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani — leave much to be desired for their own reasons. Fred Thompson may be just what they’re looking for.

84 Responses to “Fred Thompson For President ?”

  1. Stephen Ritter says:

    Somebody give me this chance, please!

    Fred Thompson is such a decent, conservative man that I would spend the period from now to November, 2008, working for his election. He inspires me, and his entry into the race would virtually guarantee the end of the Giuliani, Romney, and McCain campaigns (McCain being the Left’s favorite Republican).

    Add JC Watts to the ticket, and we have a sure winner. Note that I would like to see Condie in the White House, someday, but her connection to the Bush Administation from its beginning would make her a lightning rod for criticism in ’08.

    I think Senator Thompson is our hope for 2008. Let’s run with him …

  2. Bob Barney says:

    Senator Thompson,

    There is little doubt that the current crop of Republican candidates does not offer conservative Republicans a good option for President. There is no real conservative candidate with any hope of being victorious. Today Republicans are being asked to choose from a buffet of compromising liberalized candidates who have done as much to weaken the party as strengthen it.

    Our founding fathers, some of whom became president, clearly would have preferred someone else taking the job. They had other aspirations, personal goals, families, etc. They saw the job for what it is: a burden and enormous responsibility. Great presidents are men who never wanted the job, they knew better. Those great men recognized that their country needed them, that at that moment in time they alone possessed the best combination of skills and talents which the country needed. If they had thought there was a better candidate they would have gladly stepped aside.

    Which brings us to you. I can think of no other candidate, either running or not, who could do a better job of leading the country. And senator, you can’t think of one either.

    I am confident that you understand that we are at a critical juncture. This country cannot afford weak, liberal leadership in the oval office. And yet there is no candidate currently running who can give us the strength of leadership that you can provide.

    Senator, your country needs you. If you are willing to make the sacrifice, than I pledge to you that I too will sacrifice to support your candidacy in any way I can or that you need.

    Bob Barney
    Compulife Software, Inc.
    136 Imperial Way
    Nicholasville, KY 40356

  3. Mike Bales says:

    America needs a conservative.
    America needs Fred Thompson.

    Virginia will support you!

  4. j clay says:

    I was so afraid after loosing the House and the Senate to the lib’s (because of republicans that had abandoned their conservative base) that I would have to hold my nose and vote for any show pony that the republican party trotted out too us. The democrats did not win because of their ideals, the republicans lost because they lost their way. I was not excited about any candidate. I wanted somone that commanded attention, and that had a strong presence to lead our country. I wanted someone that would support the old school values of America…. Reagan ideals such as peace thru strength (not through political posturing, useless sanctions, and empty threats). I wanted a leader that would stand up to tyrannical and corrupt leaders and their fascist ideals (Iran, North Korea, etc…). I wanted a leader that did not view self-fortitude and accountabillity as profane or barabaric ideas innappropriate for our increasinly “sensisitve” pc driven nation. Bush has abandoned a large portion of the base that voted for him and Congress has gone from bad to worse! However, I now hold out hope. That hope lies directly on the shoulders of Fred Thompson. He is a conservative, a statesman,…a patriot. He does not position himself to be all inclusive (as indicated by his monologue on Paul Harvey’s radio show in regards to Mexico and Gandhi), but rather articulates his opionons in exactly the manner they were forged. Fred Thompson comes across as a man capable of great tolerance while maintaining a strong hand which demands respect for American citizens, our laws, and our well being. A candidate cut from the cloth of conservative America,… where men are men, women are women, and children still respect their elders. America is napping right now,… but we are beginning to see the signs of an awakeing. We are being stirred to our feet by the thunderous charge of illegal aliens, the screaming intolerance of the islamic extremist, the ticking of the nuclear threat from Iran (and I still believe N Korea), the gears of American industry grinding to a hault, and the incessant sibling rivalry between both parties. I believe Fred Thompson could bring honor, strength, and respect back to our highest office. I believe that his presence and lead could return our congress and I believe the majority of Americans would receive him well! Yes, America appears to be waking and there will be consequences for the mess that has been made!

  5. j clay says:

    please forgive all the misspellings in my comments. I was excited and in a hurry when I wrote it. Go Senator Thompson!!

  6. Paul Rood says:

    Have admired Fred Thompson since I observed him upclose during the dark days of Watergate…when I was a young aid on the House Republican Conference. What a man of talent and integrity!

    If there is anything I can do to help with nomination and campaign in Southern California…tell me who to contact!

  7. Rick Black says:


  8. Sam T. Mullins says:

    Fred Thompson for POTUS 2008…

    Yes, I most certainly WILL work hard from now till the election for this man…

    Fred Thompson is a man of “presence” being a GREAT communicator / debater like President Ronald Reagan, with the “substance” of true “Reagan” styled conservatism on foreign policy, fisical policy, and social issues. Fred Thompson is a strict constitutionalist believing in less federal governmental intrusion with more state control.
    THIS is EXACTLY the man to lead our country forward…


    PLEASE Fred, RUN ! ! !

    God Bless our troops & America…

  9. Sam T. Mullins says:


    If Fred runs, I think if he would consider any of the following on this short list as his running mate for VPOTUS in 2008…

    Any of the following would be good in helping to span the Independent & Democratic voting electorate in the general election and would help yield a winning Thompson ticket in 2008 in this order:

    1. J. C. Watts
    2. Ducan Hunter
    3. Haley Barbour
    4. Condi Rice
    5. Joe Lieberman

    You thoughts?

  10. Dave Redmond says:

    Why would James Dobson question whether or not Fred Thompson is a Christian? He was apparently baptized into the church of Christ, and there are many Christians who let their actions speak louder than words.

  11. Lynette Avery says:

    I am very excited at the thought of Fred running for President, being fearful of the chances our party has of winning with the “personalities” of Obama and Clinton in the ring. For years, I have said that I would like to see Condi run for President. Not because she is a woman, but because she is tough, knowledgable and a go-getter. I believe that she or J.C. Watts would be the best choices for Vice-President, but neither seem to have any interest in running.

    J.C. quit the political life for God and family. What an awesome ticket that would be for Conservative Republicans. We could take back America again for our values. It’s time for America to bless God and a Thompson/Watts ticket could be the answer!

  12. Eric says:

    Our country does not need a Democrat nor a Republican for President. Our country needs a Leader! Leadership is what Senator Thompson offers. Leadership is what all of the other candidates, Republican and Democrat alike, are sorely lacking in. I, for one, am sick and tired of the power plays and showboating going on with our elected officials. When was the last time an elected representative represented the people? The last time I checked, we, the people, hire and fire the folks we put into both houses of Congress and in the White House. We need to hire Fred Thompson!! He is a dynamic, gifted, common sense type of gentleman. He doesn’t put up with the Mickey Mouse garbage going on in D. C. and he calls it like he sees it: if it’s crap, it’s crap!! He is Leader. Our country needs a Leader again, not just another blowhard politician. I have never before posted on a forum for any type of political candidate, nor have I ever shown any interest in contributing to (or working for) any sort of political campaign. Mr. Thompson, if you run, you can count me in!!

  13. Jobi Bontrude says:

    We need Fred Thompson to run. He is a man of intergrity.
    We need a leader we can look up to and Fred is that man.
    There are MILLIONS of Americans who want Fred to run. Wait until the rest of America learns about what a great man he is. He will raise Americans moral once again. Give us all hope and give us a leader we can and will be proud of.
    For the sake of the country – RUN FRED RUN!!!!

  14. Larry J. Harr says:

    I really was a George W. fan, I thought if he won a second term he would kick butt and take names, do the things that needed to be done, he really let us down, I still support him, but it’s not easy.I had about given up, thought we might have to survive a President Hillary, God help us!!! But now we have hope,FRED4PREZ……….please Fred, you have to run, You will make a great President and this country really needs you!!!

  15. CW Goad says:

    Come to our website and find out why we believe Fred Thompson should run for President. Join us and thousands of others as we encourage him to do so.

  16. Joe says:

    I probably would have voted for him but he pissed me off along with 10,000 other golf fans at the Shell Houston Open in Humble Texas on April 1. They flew that damned airplane with his name flapping behind it for 2 or 3 solid hours! His damned airplane was LOUD AS HELL and nobody could hear themselves think much less enjoy the tournament. Fred, let the politics alone during golf tourneys. You pissed off alot of people on what was supposed to be a really nice day out on the golf course.

  17. You do realize that the plane was probably rented by a third-party who has nothing to do with Thompson himself ?

  18. Bobby S. says:

    That’s BS. His name, his plane.

  19. Bobby S. says:

    I don’t think Mr. Thompson wants all the scrutiny that a run for President would bring. Not that I think he has any major skeletons but he will get it from both sides. The far right doesn’t complete trust him nor does the religious right. He is very solid in his career and can enjoy his popularity and wealth. Why jump into the cesspool of national politics. Between the media, the pundits, and a fickle uninformed populace, politics is becoming a no win situation. The reality is they can get to anyone. No one is above the slime.

  20. John Curtis says:

    Considering all the comprised candidates in the field currently…it’s very difficult to get enthusiastic about any of them…this is pitiful. Of the Republican choices it’s like asking me to pick which one of the Democrats I’d vote for…How can anybody take any of these jokers seriously. With Fred Thompson I don’t get that feeling, that is a choice I could make with confidence and one swing voters could make with confidence. I’ve seen his record and I won’t be cringing when I pull the lever and consider who he might appoint to the Supreme Court.

  21. Fred Hibbert says:

    Fred Thompson has what it takes to be a great president. He would capture the imagination of the country. John McCain is the Manchurian Candidate. Rudolph Giuliani and Mitt Romney should both be considered for V.P.

  22. Dave and Denise Caster says:

    Count us IN, for support for Fred Thompson for PRESIDENT!! He will be the first REAL MAN to take the Presidency since Reagan! Y’all have said everything I wanted to say in support, with the exception of Lindsey Graham as our Vice President. The Thompson/Graham ticket would hold up in most of the United States!!

    We are Southwest Missouri and will Stand up to get a Thompson/Graham ticket elected to the White House!

    The United States needs smart and tough, and with these two men we will get everything we need!

    The United States of America does NOT SELL OUT to any other country in the World. Our government needs to quit giving money to countries that ‘BURN OUR FLAG’, and our PRESIDENT/ALLIES IN EFFIGY!


    The liberals want us to forget that, in the mist of ‘global warming’, health care and all the socialistic ideals that they have to take down AMERICA!!!!

    We need real people, real candidates, people that are passionate about actually fixing the issues, not patronizing the corporations and lobbiests!

    We believe that Fred Thompson and Lindsey Graham can do this!!!!

    Would anyone else be up for Lindsey Graham as Vice President? Lindsey Graham’s phone number is:
    (202) 224-5972 phone

    Call him, ask him if he would consider the position.

    Thank you,
    Dave and Denise Caster
    Jenkins, MO

  23. Bobby S. says:

    OK Dave & Denise, so liberals are responsible for global warming? What about Health Care? Do you think that the state of Health Care in this country is good? George Bush has more to “Take Down America” than any liberal proposal.
    Have you ever traveled outside of this country? Do you have any Idea what the rest of the world thinks about us? This administration has not given us much to be Proud of. We need a true Statesman of the caliber of Nixon and Clinton. Yes, I used both of those name in the same sentence and the word impeached wasn’t in it. Even Ron Reagan maintained our relations with our allies. This guy has even managed to piss them off. I am ashamed to be an American and I hate that. What happened? George W. Thats what!

  24. John S. says:

    Ok Bobby S, if you’re ashamed to be an American I’d be happy to help you pack to go somewhere you’d feel more pride in. That kind of America hating attitude is exactly why we need Fred Thompson so badly. Let’s restore pride to this great country, its morning in America again. So far as what the rest of the world thinks of the United States, why should we let them destroy our confidence. The U.S. has been a great nation precisely because of that confidence. Fred Thompson can restore that confidence, and when we have confidence in ourselves, others will too.

    If we continue to have presidents of Bill Clinton’s calibre then America is finished.

  25. Bobby S. says:

    No John, I will stay and fight for this country. I fought for this country during the Viet Nam War and didn’t run then and I won’t run now. There is no other country on this earth with the potential for good of the US. The fight will not be fought on foreign shores but here in the courts and legislatures. We must retake the high ground. We can no longer arogantly ignore the initiatives of our allies. Nor can we assume that might is right. We are now feared and hated where we once were respected and emulated. I experienced that first hand as a child visiting Europe in the early 60’s and then again as an adult in the 90’s. The change was dramatic and today the atmosphere toward us is painful. I would welcome a man or woman of conscience and humility as President. The only candidates that seem to fill that bill are Thompson the Republican and Obama the Democrat. My fear of Thompson is he may continue the Crusade of Democracy mentality that has alienated the Middle East.
    I need to hear more from him about foreign policy before I can be comfortable with him. For now he runs second in this conservative Democrats impression.

  26. Bobby S. says:

    Well, That’s quite a blow. Fred Thompson has cancer. That should just about seal his fate with regard to the Presidency. He would suffer if he tried to take on that job in his condition. I hope for his sake that he does not run. He would probally not survive beyond one term if that. His condition is stable but tenous. It would also affect his electability. The race will be close if he is in it but this will tip it heavily. Well for me that leaves Rudy as the only viable Republican I could support. I can’t imagine the religious right accepting his three marriages and his stand on abortion and gun control but then maybe he will be like Mitt or is it Mike now, and change his positions on everything.

  27. I believe Fred Thompson is the only name I have heard that exites me in this race. I take his honesty on his health at face value. If he is comfortable with what is required to make the race, I am behind him 100%. I have never supported a presidental candidate with money before, but I will for him. I believe he can lead this country to again be a respected nation.

  28. will says:

    Go Fred Go. Vote for him at

  29. jclay says:

    first off let me just say thanks for your service to your country, but you know what Bobby S., appears you have been endulging on the kool-aid. It took a lot of restraint to not respond in the manner that your comments warranted. As much as Bush has let me down (and I voted for him twice),… libs bring nothing to the table when it comes to foreign policy. They do however, have a million and one ways to “save the earth”…from using a certain kind of light bulb to waterless toilets,…I feel safer already. Your lib talking points (healthcare in the crapper, the world hates us, our President is horrible, war’s are won thru policy making, oh and most importantly your self-hating attitude) are to the point of being cliche. In fact you can get all of that in a single 30 minute news broadcast. The Middle East has not been alienated as a result of current policy. Aspects of the Middle East have been a thorn in the side of democracy and more importantly Christian ideals dating back to ohhhh,… The Crusades! People all over the world willl always hate us,…when they are not gladly accepting our financial, military, or medical aid. You might want to come to terms with that,.. you will be a happier person. America is the greatest country on the face of the planet and it is thru our resolve and might that we are free. Don’t hate that or fear that….Love yourself and your country…and have the self-fortitude to preserve that love. One of the greatest things I have ever read came from a bumper sticker I saw years ago,,,,”with the exception of communism, oppression and tyranny, war never solved anything”…..Oh and in case I forgot to say it,…GO FRED GO!! I am praying for your health and your leadership!

  30. Bobby S. says:

    jclay, I agree with you that the country is a mess but who do we have to blame? The Republicans have been in control of the Congress and the White House. The reason we have to give the Dems a chance is because the Republicans have had their chance. I agree we don’t need more imigrants here. We have not had time to assimilate the ones we already have. They are not Americans, they are whatever’s, living in America. The last wave of imigrants are now real Americans. They may not be Christian but they are Americans. If you just want Christians look south all Mexicans are Christian. We need admit people that want to be American regardless of their religous orientation. We have so many problems here in the US that wasting money on these foreign adventure is foolish. Do you really believe that Iraqis will follow us home? We could tell the whole middle east to go pound sand if we wern’t dependent on their oil. If we spent what we have spent in Iraq on alternative fuels we would have our independence. 3 Trillion dollars will buy a lot of research. The Republican have pandered to the Military and oil interests who benefit from War and need Middle East oil. The way to save America is right here. You are willing to admit that you were wrong about Bush how about admitting you may have been wrong about the Republican party.

  31. Vickie Rennie says:

    Fred Thompson is the “Jack Bauer” of the political arena. He has the charisma of Giuliani, the recognition of Clinton, the brilliance and resolve of Winston Churchill, and a spine of titanium. Just say the word Senator Thompson………..we will take it from there. You don’t need billions of dollars of campaign cash, when you have an army ready to mobilize and are focused and excited for VICTORY.

  32. Henry Caufield says:

    Fred Thompson is a fat, lazy, joke of a politician. The fact that Republicans are excited about him because of how he appears on a TV show is telling. I would look forward to either Obama or Edwards exposing him. Guess what conservatives? We aren’t going to nominate Hillary. Bring Fred, Rudy, Mitt, Newt or whoever else you’ve got on.

  33. Beverly B says:

    Dave & Denise,
    I had given up on a decent person actually getting into the office of president some time ago, but you make some great points about Fred Thompson. Is there a grass roots mechanism forming that I can get involved in yet here in Missouri?
    I dont know much about Lindsey Graham, where can i get more info?

    Aurora, Missouri

  34. Run, Fred, Run!!!

    We need a viable conservative in this race!

    And the rest of you, please drop by and share your thoughts on Fred Thompson!

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