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Thoughts On Today’s Abortion Decision

by @ 12:54 pm on April 18, 2007. Filed under The Liberty Papers, U.S. Constitution

I’ve got a long post at The Liberty Papers about today’s Supreme Court decision on partial birth abortion.

Here’s a preview:

The problem with the partial birth abortion law has nothing to do with abortion. It has everything to do with a Congress that has assumed for itself powers that it was never intended to have.

I don’t think my take on the decision will make anyone engaged in the abortion debate too happy.

4 Responses to “Thoughts On Today’s Abortion Decision”

  1. KipEsquire says:

    I was not aware that Congress consisted of 535 obstetricians.

  2. snapped shot says:

    Stepping Back from the Brink (PBA ban upheld)

    I’m delighted to read that the Supreme Court has upheld Congress’ ban on “partial birth” abortion. It is a gruesome procedure that has no business being performed in any so-called “peaceful” nation. For instance, take this nice little descripto…

  3. Jack says:

    It doesn’t consist of 535 Environmental Scientists, either, but it makes laws about that, too.

  4. Jack,

    The problem with the Partial Birth Ban Bill has nothing to do with whether or not Members of Congress are qualified to decide what medical procedures are acceptable and what ones are not, it has to do with the fact that the Constitution quite simply does not authorize Congress to do what it did in this case.

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