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Bomb Threats At Two Prince William High Schools

by @ 12:38 pm on April 20, 2007. Filed under In The News

Two Prince William County High Schools received bomb threats today:

Bomb threats disrupted classes at two Northern Virginia high schools this morning, causing authorities to evacuate more than 4,000 students as police with bomb-sniffing dogs conducted searches.

The first threat came at C.D. Hylton Senior High School in Woodbridge. About three hours later, a second bomb threat was called in to Gar-Field High School, also in Woodbridge.

Classes at Hylton were delayed for more than three-and-a-half hours before police gave the all-clear and allowed students back in, officials said.

By then, however, many students had called their parents to pick them up from the school in Woodbridge and had gone home.

After the bomb threat was received shortly before 7 a.m., the school’s 2,200 students were directed to the football stadium, where they sat in the bleachers while police with bomb-sniffing dogs searched the building, said Ken Blackstone, a spokesman for Prince William County Schools.

No bomb was found, and police allowed students to reenter the high school around 10:30 a.m.

As police were busy at Hylton, the second bomb threat was received at Gar-Field shortly after 10 a.m. while classes were underway, Blackstone said. More than 2,550 students are enrolled at Gar-Field.

And it’s not just happening in Virginia:

Berea High School is closed today because of a threat officials discovered Thursday night on the MySpace social networking site.

The posting mentioned the Virginia Tech killings and suggested something similar could happen at the high school today.

Berea police discovered the message and notified the school district. All the driveways to the campus off Bagley Road were blocked this morning by police or other vehicles, and all but about 15 of the building’s 1,500 students stayed away. This morning, Berea police identified the My Space account used to post the message, but said the 17-year-old student who owns it denies being the author.

“We have to trace it back to see if someone else may have used his account,” Lt. Gary Black said. The boy’s parents saw the message and notified police. The family does not have guns.

That report is from Berea, Ohio which is a suburb of Cleveland

In addition to the Virginia Tech story being in the news, today is the anniversary of the Columbine attacks.

Update: And it’s apparently happening in New Jersey as well:

Tenafly High School in northern New Jersey was closed today on the eighth anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado after school officials discovered graffiti that seemed to suggest some kind of threat tied to the anniversary date.

And California:

Classes and school activities in Yuba and Sutter Counties in northern California and at Yuba College were canceled today after a 28 year old man was arrested for making threats to blow up schools. The man claimed that ?he had some sort of explosive device, and he was going to make the incident at Virginia Tech look mild by comparison,? the Associated Press quoted Sutter County Sheriff Jim Denny as saying.

And Michigan:

In Michigan, two campuses of Kalamazoo Valley Community College are closed through the weekend, a step taken after a former student posted an Internet message praising the Virginia Tech shootings.

I think everyone will be glad when this week is over.

Update # 2: The Post story linked above is now reporting an arrest in the Gar-Field incident and two suspects in the Hylton case:

At Gar-Field, police took an 18-year-old into custody at the entrance to a parking lot, handcuffed him and put him in a police car. Officers said he apparently wanted to get his girlfriend out of school for the day.

Police also identified two boys, both juveniles, suspected of calling in the threat at Hylton and were looking for them, officials said.


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