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A Really Important Product Review

by @ 7:21 pm on May 2, 2007. Filed under Personal

The New York Times reviews gin:

HAVE I told you about my 80-martini lunch?

I exaggerate. Actually, four of us shared 80 martinis, so it was really a 20-martini lunch.

Frankly, once you get past the first 12 martinis, it might as well be 80. But it was worth it.

I don’t drink martinis, but? I have been known to say a thing or two about gin in the past so it an interesting read. There is, for example, this little note about the differences between gin and vodka:

[G]in is more of a thinking person?s spirit. Vodka is neutral in aroma and flavor, which is also how gin begins life. But where vodka stays neutral, gin is infused with botanicals ? a witch?s pantry of roots, berries, herbs, dried fruits and spices ? dominated by the piney, breezy aroma of juniper berries. Other common botanicals include angelica, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, lemon peel, licorice, fennel and ginger. It is the closely guarded combination of botanicals that makes each gin distinctive

And here’s what they say about my two favorites:

Tanqueray London Dry made a classic though quiet martini. Its livelier cousin, Tanqueray No. 10, with its emphasis on citrus flavors, may work well neat or with tonic, but was discordant in a martini.

Which is why Gin & Tonic is the only way to go.

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