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D.C Law Firm Suspends Alleged Call Girl

by @ 4:50 pm on May 3, 2007. Filed under Deborah Jeane Palfrey, Washington DC

A legal secretary at one of Washington’s most prominent law firms was suspended after it was revealed that she worked for Pamela Martin & Associates, the escort service run by Deboarh Jeane Palfrey and now accused of being a prostitution front:

A legal secretary at one of Washington’s most prominent and well-connected law firms, Akin Gump Strauss Houer & Feld LLP, has been suspended after telling her bosses she secretly worked at night for the escort service run by the so-called D.C. Madam, Jeane Palfrey.

The woman both serviced clients and, at times, helped to run the business, Palfrey told ABC News in an interview to be broadcast on “20/20″ Friday.

The firm said it would not make her name public.

Apparently, just as the business was starting to collapse and the authorities were closing in on Palfrey, this unnamed woman volunteered to take a more active role in operations:

According to the e-mails provided to ABC News by Palfrey, the Akin Gump woman was interested in helping to restart the escort service after Palfrey had closed it, suggesting it could be done from the Akin Gump offices.

“It is a shame to basically throw away over a decade of hard work and contacts,” she wrote last October, just before federal agents raided Palfrey’s operation.

“I think that handling the phones 4 to 5 nights a week is a very fair offer and would be something that I could easily do, even with my paralegal duties as they could pretty much be done simultaneously in front of a computer,” she wrote.

Why am I blogging about this ? Because it really is the only interesting thing happening in Washington right now.

One Response to “D.C Law Firm Suspends Alleged Call Girl”

  1. seriously says:

    This is really a crunch moment for ABC News. If they release the list, they embarass friends and lose sources. If they don’t release the list they lose all credibility and cover up for powerful men (who committed a crime by the way-prostitution IS illegal.)

    I hope ABC does the right thing and just releases the whole damn list. If they don’t Brian Ross should quit in protest.

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