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Fighting To Save Jericho

by @ 4:29 pm on May 18, 2007. Filed under Jericho, Television

Merrick at Aint It Cool News has a long post up about the cancellation of Jericho and fans efforts to try to save the show:

Earlier this week, we learned that CBS decided not to renew JERICHO for next season.

I love this show. I really love it. I don’t/won’t say that about many TV shows. Even GALACTICA, which I follow religiously, I can only claim to “like a lot”.

JERICHO is different. At the very least, Herc “likes” it too – I’m not clear to what extent. We’ve discussed it frequently amongst ourselves, even though (for whatever reason) it never received much play on the site. In retrospect, this was probably an error on our behalf. We should’ve talked about it more on AICN…we should’ve said more.

In an effort to increase awareness for JERICHO, and to correct some misunderstandings about the nature of the show, I contacted CBS publicity a few weeks back to arranging some coverage for the series before it headed into its season finale. I never heard back from CBS. The next thing I knew…despite rumors of a begrudging renewal and a new timeslot…it was gone.

The post goes on link to several websites that are claiming to organize efforts to lobby CBS to bring the show back, including a petition and other campaigns that include things like sending emails to various executives at CBS to persuade them to change their minds as well as to other networks in the hope that they might pick the show up.

Believe me, I’m not happy that they cancelled this show, and I’d join in on these efforts if I thought they’d amount to anything. But they won’t. The show is gone folks. Mourn it. Write fan fiction if you want. But don’t think for a second that CBS is going to change their mind on this one. And, outside of the chance that TNT, USA, or The SCIFI Channel might be interested, I don’t see any chance of another network picking the show up.

Add to that the fact that the Carol Barbee, the showrunner during the first season, is already committed to another CBS project, and the reality becomes all to clear. Much like the the cities destroyed by the nukes in September, Jericho is gone.

Update 6/6/07: Okay, I admit it……I was wrong. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

42 Responses to “Fighting To Save Jericho”

  1. bonafortuna says:

    It is amounting to something. CBS’s Nina Tassler made a comment on the official webboard. It’s not comprehensive but it is a START. We won’t give up.
    NUTS to CBS!!

  2. Jane says:

    CBS will regret their decision when all is said & done.
    Save Jericho!

  3. druff says:

    Nice words Doug, but I question how big a fan you really are. I like thousands fighting for this show am a passionate fan. I believe there is power in numbers. If us many real fans werent so passionate and didnt believe we could do somthing here. We wouldnt be spending money to send bags of nuts. Wasting lots of time bombarding CBS and the powers that be with e-mails and letters. Jericho tought us well. Unlike you, we wont give up. Peace brother Doug, and please if you are a real fan, join us in our fight.

  4. Jerichodude says:

    Doug, Your a wuss! Stand up and fight for something you belive in man. Be a man!!!!CBS will be hearing from me UNTIL I DIE OR THEY BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!!!

  5. No, I think I’m being a realist. Did anyone really think a network like CBS would stand up for a show like this to begin with ? It’s a miracle it made it to the end of Season One.

    As for CBS, I didn’t watch anything on that network before Jericho, and I won’t be watching anything there afterwards.

  6. Jean says:

    Too many shows have been cancelled with cliffhangers. This has to stop and we will be starting with Jericho. Someone has to stop the madness of these networks. We are starting with you CBS.

  7. Ben says:

    Doug, if you really loved Jericho as much as you say you do, you would be joining in the fight, instead of sitting back and crying. Nina Tessler, a CBS executive, made an official statement on the CBS website stating that they would find a way to provide some closure to the series. Not exactly what we wanted, but a start. So don’t say that our efforts are pointless.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I think that it is important to stand up for what we believe in. Even though there is a good chance CBS will not bring Jericho back at least the fans did not give up with out a fight. And I for one will not stop fighting.

  9. jericho359 says:


  10. lisa says:

    This show is quality television. No more reality shows please! BRING BACK JERICHO!!!!

  11. Liz says:

    It is working, and it will work. We won’t let your words discourage us. Jericho is the best show on TV and it IS worth fighting for to us true fans!

  12. Bob says:

    CBS is getting the message and now is not the time to let up – we all loved this show – it was a great story line and first class entertainment, a rarity on TV these days.

    If the Prez of CBS entertainment says they ‘hope to find a way to provide closure’ I suspect they will at least try to come up with a final episode, as a concession to the fan base.

    Season 2? Doubt it but it is sad when they break these series up with a long hiatus and then whine about the ratings dropping. It’s THEIR fault this happened, maybe they are feeling just a tinge of guilt over this. Let’s hope so.


  13. Steve L. says:

    Not only is Jericho worth saving, but this is also a battle between quality television and the garbage like Survivor. Even if you are correct about the end result, this fight will make all networks think twice about cancelling good shows that get high, but not superior ratings.

  14. Holly L says:

    Please EVERYONE – help us save Jericho!!! We can’t let CBS cancel it!

  15. kevo says:

    Maybe they (CBS, TNT someone) can give it a run later in the year as a mini series…maybe then someone could pick it up. Galactia came out of a min series. I know it’s a little backwards since they’ve had one season but it would give them a chance to re-position some plot lines and re-launch as a weekly show.

  16. Sonya says:

    Well said Steve L. If nothing else, the networks will have to pay attention passionate fans who are there even if it’s in smaller numbers. The days of network arrogance and indifference to fans needs to come to an end now.

  17. Linda says:

    The fans deserve a right to be heard and I feel we have made an impact on the CBS crew. SAVE JERICHO WE WILL NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHTING VOICE

  18. Michele says:

    Wow what an optimistic fan you are! Haven’t you ever fought for something you believe in, or wanted? Well Mr.Mataconis , thats exactly what we are doing. We will not go down without a fight, or without our voices being heard. We WILL continue our campaign of e-mail, faxes, snail-mail, nuts until we get the recognition and end that we want.


  19. Ana says:

    I don’t think you understand the massive passionate fanbase that Jericho has, I know CBS has no clue. But we are in an age of new media where this campaign is and will grow sky high. The message is clear save Jericho or 9+million viewers and climbing are going to boycott CBS and their advertisers.
    Two words to you Doug: Star Trek

  20. Ben says:

    Forget mourning. This fight isn’t over. I for one will not go quietly into the night. NUTS to CBS!! Go to or for information on how to fight this injustice.

    Rangers! Mount up.


  21. Kathy says:

    Constantino to Jake, “Put your guns down, you can’t possibly win this”…… Need I remind any of the Jericho fans of Jakes response? Doug, are you from New Bern? Never say “we can’t” win.

  22. Kris says:

    We will not give in! We will go on until the end!

    Save Jericho!!!

  23. A Note to everyone:

    I wrote that post in a moment of pessimism. I’m pissed CBS cancelled the show, and I’ve watching too many scenarios like this unfold in the past. If you guys are successful, great. I just can’t get my hopes up.

  24. Stilgar says:


  25. Paul S. Cuscione says:

    CBS is Cancelled.
    In this recent trend of abrupt show cancellations the networks are guilty of taking their viewers for granted. I understand that the advertisers are the direct customers of the networks and business is business however what greedy networks don’t seem to understand is that they cannot get advertising revenue without us their viewers. It is unappreciative to yank a show that viewers have invested a whole season on without some kind of proper ending. Why should I ever watch a new show on CBS? The answer is I won’t, in my household CBS is cancelled. We will never watch another new show again on CBS. If by some chance a great show happens to come on CBS, I will wait for them to release the seasons on DVD and then rent it from Blockbuster Total Access. This in my opinion will strip CBS from earning as much revenue as possible. They just do not get it. The Star Trek Franchise does!!! When they hit the wall with story lines for the last series “Enterprise” they wrote four shows to end the series on a positive note. They are smart business people and understand what it is to take care of their precious viewers. Sadly CBS in not the only culprit in this latest trend of cancelling shows the second they don’t work out. It was started by Fox early this season when they cancelled three very good shows, Standoff, Justice and Vanished. Then NBC picked up the torch and cancelled Studio 60 after half a season and the Crossing Jordan. Crossing Jordan had been on for several seasons and had reasonable fan base. They could not even end the show right, they pulled the plug in one episode. Then NBC passed the torch back to FOX so they could cancel Drive and Fox to CBS so they could cancel Jericho an excellent show in my opinion and one I always looked forward to. Well Guess what? I will no longer stand by and watch new shows. I have 2 Tivos that will not miss CBS NBC or FOX I have 300 other channels and I also belong to Blockbuster’s Total Access. I assure you we will not miss these networks that do not value us as viewers. And they will free up some time for me to read. Yes the ultimate enriching entertainment. I urge my fellow viewers to follow suit and teach these greedy networks a valuable lesson, respect your viewers for without them you are nothing. So in my favorite “Soup Nazi voice” CBS, NBC and FOX No viewing for you!!!

  26. Mike Moran says:

    we are trying to get it in this WEDNESDAY’s Variety.

    We need folks to donate ASAP if you can. Paypal works, even $5.00

    this is BIG TIME media, also this wednesday makes it perfect timing since CBS’s shareholders meeting happens to be this week.

  27. John says:

    How does that expression go? “No guts, no glory.”

    I’ve got a better one: “NO NUTS, NO STORY!”

    Save Jericho! NUTS to CBS.

  28. lisa csw says:

    I must say I am a survivor fan-from season one- but jericho was an excellent story with characters and scenarios that we (three generations) really cared about. I wondered if anyone else was as angry as I was to hear about the cancellation and I am loving that there are other die hard fans out there.KEEP UP THE FIGHT!!!

  29. Angela says:

    Nuts to CBS- I will not watch any new shows of theirs. I am so tired of reality shows.

  30. Beverly Forbis says:

    Hey there,

    Just wanted to stick my two cents worth in.

    Doug, I can understand your pessimism and your anger. We are all furious. We are all also determined. You might want to take a second look Sir. :). It’s day what 4, and already we’ve sent right at 2 tons (that we can actually count) to CBS New York. That of course doesn’t count the individuals that sent them in envelopes and through some websites. We’ve now converted another longstanding business, and it’s owner ( to not only becoming a fan, but also a fanatic for this cause. We’re picking up news left and right, including CBS’s own affiliates. We’ve got another 2 tons of nuts arriving tomorrow during the CBS meeting. And already another half done scheduled for the day after that. And we’re just 4 days in, we haven’t even started the good stuff yet *grin*.

    One other thing you might want to consider. Even if we did lose and the show stayed canceled, you don’t think it’s worth 5 minutes of your time to sign a petition, or 5.00 to send a message to CBS, not just to keep Jericho alive, but to also let them know that you count, and you’re not happy? I think it’s worth at least that. :)

    Again, just my two cents worth.

  31. Lana Parsons says:

    Hi – I’m a strong Jericho fan. It was quite frankly, somehow special. I’ve got ovaries, and I can hitch them up and be a woman for this show. Write in campaigns have worked for other shows. Doug, if you intend to stay active with this group then – you had best have or find a gender eqivilent.
    L -

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  33. Lucy says:

    I agree — we need to voice our concerns and displeasure on the CBS move to cancel the show. It was their mistake in pulling the show from the schedule (so that they were ‘out of the way’ for American Idol). When they brought it back the numbers were down. It all comes down to dollars at the network, and the ratings just were not strong enough. Of course, CBS could have made a stronger effort in standing behind this product and giving it a chance to build the audience back up again. They just don’t program that way anymore (none of them do). Networks get out of the way of the rating killers, so they don’t burn off fresh shows.

    The trick is to stand up, and speak up for yourself. Sure, the fact is that they WONT bring the show back, but I can certainly say that they will think hard on this for the next ‘Jericho’ on their schedule.

    You see, the networks program for audience, and the audience is needed to generate the ad sales. The fact is, we should be going after the advertisers and sponsors of the shows — for their support. If you could get the advertisers to see that they would get the ratings (watch their commercials), then they would pressure the networks to keep these good shows on! In fact, you could get a sponsor to support a show, you would get the show back. Heck, look at the way the future is in TV… if you don’t like the way the networks program — all reality TV, then you are going to have to make some noise.

    Anyone who thinks to sit back and say nothing is the way to go, is not American! As an American you MUST speak your mind! You MUST fight for what you want.

    Sure, CBS has won, and we wont see Jericho back on the schedule, but, the people have won too! We have made some noise, been heard, and that, beyond anything else is what America is all about.


  34. Beverly Forbis says:

    I never said CBS wouldn’t bring it back LOL I for one think there is a great chance they will. It would be idiotic not to

  35. It’s not over, not by a long shot.

    Fan’s have raised $30,000 this week to send 16,000 pounds (yes, thats 8 TONS) of nuts to CBS headquarters in NY, and for a full page ad in next Tuesday’s Variety Weekly.

    Before you stick a fork in us — check out what we are doing, and the current case studies on our effort. And then come join us to be a part of history:

    Thanks and have fun :)

  36. Hawksdomain says:

    CBS, as well as you from your blog, apparently does not realize that this fight about Jericho is more than a fight about a TV show. Our numbers are growing daily. I don’t care if it was the Execs that decided they didn’t like the premise of the show, or even ol’ ‘Dubya’ himself. We will not waiver, we will not lie down, we have only begun to fight!

    NUTS to CBS!

  37. Joe says:

    According to numerous newsites yesterday Carol Barbee and the producers of Jericho are currently in talks with CBS on possible ways of continuing the show. Brad Beyer (Stanley Richmond on Jericho) confirmed it. Jericho is far from done, the fight has just started and it’s time CBS realize that the numbers they stand behind are faulty. Les Moonves promised to take advantage of all the new modes of show delivery (iTunes, Tivo, OnDemand and Innertube) but unfortunately the network heads still don’t take into fact that Jericho was #1 show on CBS, was one of CBS’ highest selling shows on iTunes or even that any Tivo viewers watching the show over a day after original airring don’t count in the nielsen ratings. It’s time for CBS to drag thier head out of thier 20th century holes in the ground and see the sunlight of 21st century media delivery.

  38. Ray Povio says:

    On May 27th the movement has gained so much traction since your first report. Exposure to national media, a campaign to send nuts to CBS now over 8 TONS sent. A unprecedented grass roots movement against a major network never seen before. 1.3 Million hits on Goggle for Save Jericho, full page adds in Variety and Hollywood reporter. I think it’s time for an update, viewers are feeling pretty optomistic right now. Jericho viewers are in it for the long run, we despite your negative assessment will have the program re-instated.

    Visit for the latest on the NUTS campaign

  39. xabistuff says:

    If you like JERICHO act today or its too late.. help me sign in the petition to save jericho. tell yur friends and family. check it out at

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