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Thoughts On The Jericho Campaign

by @ 11:49 am on May 24, 2007. Filed under Jericho, Television

My post about the campaign to bring back Jericho have generated no small degree of traffic, and no small degree of criticism.

So far at least, it seems to have generated at least some response from CBS:

“We have read your e-mails over the past few days and have been touched by the depth and passion with which you have expressed your disappointment,” the network’s entertainment chief, Nina Tassler, posted to a fan forum. “We are humbled by your disappointment. In the coming weeks, we hope to develop a way to provide closure to the compelling drama that was the Jericho story.”

The logical way to read that, of course, is to expect perhaps a two-hour made for television movie wrapping up the show’s many loose ends. That isn’t enough for the Jericho fans who are saying they’ll settle for nothing less than a full second season.

Well, that ain’t gonna happen:

As the number one network in total viewers, CBS considered “Jericho” an underperformer — and it was right. According to Nielsen, CBS averaged 12 million viewers for every hour of prime time during the 2006-07 season, which concludes tonight. “Jericho” was averaging 11 million viewers in the fall — less than any of the “CSIs” to be sure, but respectable for a program airing at 7 p.m. in the Midwest. After a three-month hiatus, however, that number dipped to 8 million viewers.

It wasn’t only the hiatus. Every serial drama lost viewers this season. Much has been made of the three-month layoff between story arcs on “Jericho,” and given the steep falloff in viewership between the two halves, the long vacation was likely a factor. But “24,” a serial thriller that takes no time off, also lost viewers in droves this season. “Ugly Betty,” which stayed on all year and aired frequent repeats to get viewers interested, was down 41 percent from its premiere, as Tassler noted last week during the CBS upfront presentation. And then there were all those shows that fell over dead right out of the gate: “Day Break,” “Kidnapped,” “Vanished,” etc. etc. The point is, networks can see that serials are a fading genre.

This isn’t going to make the hard-core fans happy. And it doesn’t entirely thrill me. But a two-hour movie is better than nothing, and those are the only realistic choices available.

Update 6/6/07: Okay, I admit it……I was wrong. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

4 Responses to “Thoughts On The Jericho Campaign”

  1. Beverly Forbis says:

    Nope, sorry won’t do. We want another season.

    I mean look at this from a strictly business standpoint. We’re now talking over 75 thousand signatures on an online petition. Over 16000 lbs (22,000 dollars worth) of nuts (that we can count) shipped to a Major Market in the middle of New York. Coverage on web media, with more coming in too fast to count. Members growing. A small business in New Jersey, now suddenly a world wide name, with interviews and awards from all over the country. A branch into mainstream media, etc..etc..etc. I could go on and on. CBS only has to look at this to see that they can’t buy advertising like this. At this point I’m pretty sure they could put Jericho back on opposite American Idol, sell advertising FOR American Idol on Jericho, and it would still wipe the floor with it. SHUCKS, their advertisers should be demanding them to bring it back!!! Hey! that’s a great idea *grin*…gotta go! got work to do.

    Keep the faith :) and…it’s time to join the fight!!!

    We’re only asking for a chance,

  2. Beverly,

    In the grand scheme of things, 75,000 signatures does not a revived television series make. Neither does only 8 million viewers.

  3. Beverly Forbis says:

    True, but we’re talking in less than a week. And this movement, phenomanon, protest, whatever you want to call it, isn’t fading, it’s actually growing!. It’s already being called the largest protest in the history of TV, and it’s getting bigger! I myself was a bit worried, especially about the “nuts” thing. I was concerned that we would do a huge shipment on Tuesday (2 tons) and that would take the resources down to 0 for the next day. But that didn’t happen the next day, or the next, or the next, or today. Each day the orders grew, and the numbers grew, and the coverage grew. These people are awe inspiring, ideas being tossed around, and either rejected or acted upon quickly, and then constistantly. And they’re having a blast doing it!! I don’t think you understand the shear…well stubborness of this bunch LOL, they’re relentless.!!! And they’re imaginative.

    It’s really very simple. We will take nothing less than a second season. CBS can do whatever they want, but it’s not changing.

  4. Beverly Forbis says:

    Hello again Sir :)

    We had a bit of a conversation a few days ago concerning your coverage of CBS’s decision to cancel Jericho. I seriously doubt you’ll remember, but I do. So wanted to just slide in for a minute and see if you wanted to rethink your stand again :)

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