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Tim Kaine Gets It Right On International Trade

by @ 6:55 pm on May 30, 2007. Filed under Democrats, Economics, Politics, Virginia, Virginia Politics

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine gave an interview to Bloomberg news on the subject of international trade and sounded a heck of alot more rational than almost any other member of his party:

May 30 (Bloomberg) — Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine, parting with some fellow Democrats, said he’s “passionate” about strengthening global-trade ties and that those advocating protectionism have a “loser’s mentality.”

“The only way you’ll succeed is by being an aggressive competitor rather than trying to hoard your dwindling assets,” Kaine, 49, said in an interview yesterday in Washington with Bloomberg News editors and reporters.

Democrats won control of Congress last year in part by appealing to voter anger over the loss of jobs to countries such as China. The balance in the Senate was tipped by Kaine’s fellow Virginia Democrat, James Webb, who said after narrowly defeating Republican incumbent George Allen that leaders must deal with the “growing unfairness in this age of globalization.”

Kaine, whose administration has made three international- trade trips since he was elected in 2005, said some state skeptics are becoming believers. He cited spending on factories in Danville, Virginia, 266 miles southwest of Washington, by Swedish furniture retailer Ikea and India’s Essel Propack Ltd., which makes toothpaste tubes.

Without identifying him, Kaine cited the views of Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, who was quoted in the New York Times last year as saying of free-trade agreements: “I was a critic of Nafta, I was a critic of Cafta and I’ll be a critic of Shafta.”

“I always laugh when I hear that, but I really think that it’s wrong,” Kaine said. “This is something I feel really passionate about.”

It’s good to see that not every Democratic politician has fallen in line with the AFL-CIO/Lou Dobbs protectionist crowd.

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