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Why Fred Thompson Must Be Taken Seriously

by @ 10:37 pm on May 30, 2007. Filed under 2008 Election, Fred Thompson, Politics

Exhibit A:

And that was just for a Senate campaign in Tennessee.

Anyone who thinks that this isn’t a big deal is kidding themselves.

H/T: Professor Bainbridge

One Response to “Why Fred Thompson Must Be Taken Seriously”

  1. W Howard Baker says:

    Of course it is a big deal! We, the Republicans, finally have a man to vote for and not the lesser of two evils. Here is a man that doesn’t have to try and cover up a major portion of his life in order to be palatable to the conservatives of the Republican and Democrat Parties. Yes, I said Democrat. There are a lot of Democrats out there that are not a part of the Socialist Left that has hijacked their party. I believe that, when Sen. Fred Thompson is the Republican Candidate for President, you will see the same phenomenon that you saw with President Reagan, i.e., a new awakening of the Reagan Democrat only this time it will be the Thompson Democrats. I cannot believe that the majority of Americans are willing to sign on to the socialist state promoted by the likes of Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama. I still think that the words of Benjamin Franklin still hold true in that any man that trades freedom for security deserves niether. He also said an important statement to our times regarding the war on terror. “We must all hang together or we, most certainly, will all hang separately” is very apropo in our present situation. Look what happens every time one of our traitorous leaders, like Harry Reid, comes out against our mission, attacks against us go up. Debate is fine until the commitment is made and then we should all be behind that commitment. Yes, I do question your patriotism when it seems that you are out to destroy our country. There was a reason that the founding fathers made the President the Commander-in-Chief and not the Congress and we are seeing it.
    The next President is going to have to be resolute in his decisions and not give in to Congressional pressure. He is going to have to be commanding in stature as well as ideals. He is going to have to be able to go on the TV and plead his case to the American People in a convincing attitude, something our present President has been unable to do. We now know that there are numerous cells of radical Islam in the U.S., financed by our “buddies”, the Saudis, that want to overthrow not only our government but also our way of life to install Wahabi Islam, one of the most radical.
    While the President is trying to fight this with the Socialist Democrats fighting him every inch of the way, he is also going to have to make sure the social and economic issues facing our country are not going out of control.
    I do not see another hopeful that is as committed to the conservative values, in general, that we all, as conservatives, hold dear as Sen. Fred Thompson. That is what makes this election A BIG DEAL, and don’t forget it.
    May G-D be with us,
    W Howard Baker
    Bardstown, KY

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