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A Republican Coup Against Cheney ?

by @ 2:46 pm on June 26, 2007. Filed under Dick Cheney, George W Bush, Politics

In today’s Washington Post, Sally Quinn writes of supposed rumblings of a movement in the GOP to get rid of Vice-President Dick Cheney

The big question right now among Republicans is how to remove Vice President Cheney from office. Even before this week’s blockbuster series in The Post, discontent in Republican ranks was rising.

As the reputed architect of the war in Iraq, Cheney is viewed as toxic, and as the administration’s leading proponent of an attack on Iran, he is seen as dangerous. As long as he remains vice president, according to this thinking, he has the potential to drag down every member of the party — including the presidential nominee — in next year’s elections.

Removing a sitting vice president is not easy, but this may be the moment. I remember Barry Goldwater sitting in my parents’ living room in 1973, in the last days of Watergate, debating whether to lead a group of senior Republicans to the White House to tell President Nixon he had to go. His hesitation was that he felt loyalty to the president and the party. But in the end he felt a greater loyalty to his country, and he went to the White House.

Today, another group of party elders, led by Sen. John Warner of Virginia, could well do the same. They could act out of concern for our country’s plummeting reputation throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East.

Upon further reading, it’s clear that this is basically just Quinn’s fantasy, and not supported by any real evidence.

Take, for example, her speculation of the supposed Golden Boy to replace Cheney as Veep:

That leaves Fred Thompson. Everybody loves Fred. He has the healing qualities of Gerald Ford and the movie-star appeal of Ronald Reagan. He is relatively moderate on social issues. He has a reputation as a peacemaker and a compromiser. And he has a good sense of humor.

He could be just the partner to bring out Bush’s better nature — or at least be a sensible voice of reason. I could easily imagine him telling the president, “For God’s sake, do not push that button!” — a command I have a hard time hearing Cheney give.

Not only that, Thompson would give the Republicans a platform for running for the presidency — and the president a way out of Iraq without looking like he’s backing down. Bush would be left in better shape on the war and be able to concentrate on AIDS and the environment in hopes of salvaging his legacy.

How exactly is it that Fred Thompson, who supports the war, would be the man who would get the GOP out of Iraq ? Unless you’re looking for an “only Nixon could go to China” scenario, I don’t see it happening. Thompson has given no evidence that he thinks withdrawal is a good idea.

James Joyner sums it up well:

This has to be the dumbest thing I�ve seen from a major journalist in quite some time.

And that is saying alot.

2 Responses to “A Republican Coup Against Cheney ?”

  1. CR UVa says:

    And what is the point of this exactly? If true, this is about as stupid as it gets. First off, conservatives will get mad because, despite the fact that he is not the most favorably seen person right now, he is still more popular than President Bush and Congress, particularly among those conservatives. And everyone else will see this for what it is; a sham simply intended to try to increase their own approval ratings.

    Geez, I swear, between this and shamnesty, I think the Republicans currently in power want to lose their seats in Congress.

  2. Darkmage says:

    These get-rid-of-Cheney fantasies seem to get published about once a year. I have no idea why anyone at the Post thought this deserved publication.

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