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Harriet Miers Back In The News

by @ 4:15 pm on July 12, 2007. Filed under George W Bush, Harriet Miers, Politics

And this time, she’s facing possible contempt charges:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A congressional panel moved toward seeking contempt charges against former White House counsel Harriet Miers on Thursday after she refused to appear — under orders from President George W. Bush — at a hearing on the firing of federal prosecutors.

The White House promptly accused the Democratic-led Congress of looking for a fight and failing to understand separation of federal powers.

“The committee is rejecting accommodation because they prefer just the kind of political spectacle,” said spokesman Tony Fratto.

On a party-line vote of 7-5, a House of Representatives Judiciary subcommittee rejected the contention that Bush’s claim of executive privilege allowed Miers’ not to attend its hearing or testify on what she knows about fired prosecutors.


Unless the White House reaches a compromise with lawmakers, the House Judiciary Committee could vote to hold Miers in contempt of Congress.

If the full House of Representatives concurs, the case would be referred to a U.S. attorney to seek a grand jury indictment.

Probably makes her wish that whole Supreme Court thing had worked out differently.

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