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The Post Where I’m Almost Ready To Throw Ron Paul To The Wolves

by @ 12:00 am on July 25, 2007. Filed under 2008 Election, Blogging, Politics, Ron Paul, The Liberty Papers

Can be found at The Liberty Papers, where links are revealed to a biography that finds my first-ever vote in a Presidential election deleted into the memory hole.

Frankly, I’m not sure who to believe in just now.

5 Responses to “The Post Where I’m Almost Ready To Throw Ron Paul To The Wolves”

  1. Flo says:

    Shame the websites continue to throw labels around. Ron Paul is our best hope for liberty and at this point in time with the legislation that being pushed if we don’t ignore the labels and support a good honest man of intergrity we may never have another opportunity

  2. Flo,

    Labels or not, I’ve got a real problem when someone deletes an entire Presidential campaign from their official biography

  3. Scott says:

    Ron Paul has used the word libertarian in several of his speeches.

    However, there has been some confusion. Recently, I saw a news article in which the writer was suprised that Ron Paul was on a GOP straw poll since he is running as a Libertarian. Several other times I have also seen comments or blog entries or news reports that got the party wrong.

    Ron Paul is seeking nomination as a Republican. I’m able to accept that and encourage others to do the same. It is not about me.

  4. CR UVa says:

    I really do not understand why anyone has fallen in love with Ron Paul. Here, he clearly shows that he will forego honesty in an attempt to sound fresh and new. But in a time of war, I see a man who would rather be isolationist and xenophobic than deal with the problems at hand. And we are supposed to believe that we will be freer in four or eight years under him than under a leader who will take foreign policy seriously?

  5. Bruce Gatehouse says:

    To say that Ron Paul is “foregoing honesty” etc. is baseless.

    His track record is impeccable. His integrity and honor are thoroughly intact. I say this because I have been reading his works and watching his voting for 17 years.

    He is abnormal in that he is the only member in congress that upholds his oath to uphold the constitution. In other words he is just a silly fellow that somehow thinks that the rule of law is important for a country/culture to maintain its existence.

    In my experience people that impose thir will upon others are more isolationist than those that advocate setting an example of principaled diplomacy and leadership.

    The foolishness of the path of imperialism or crusade is always the same,,, according to history. Ah but then the real smart folks just rewrite and otherwise deny history because they know better.

    Read what Ron Paul says, note the consistency and also read The Art of War. This way one can come to see a little further, that the usA is not actually wageing the war as advertised…. things are not as they appear.

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