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The Simpsons Movie: A Review

by @ 8:53 am on July 29, 2007. Filed under Movie Reviews, Movies, The Simpsons

Kellie and I went to see The Simpsons Movie yesterday morning up in Tysons Corner. Now, to be fair, I am far an away a bigger Simpsons than my wife, but she came along anyway and we both enjoyed it.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve laughed quite as much for that long in quite a long time. For the long-time Simpsons fan, there’s everything you’d come to expect. Homer being Homer. Bart being Bart. And Springfield nearly getting destroyed, again. Outside of the family, though, most of the other characters take a secondary role in this movie, some of them barely getting a single line in.

But that’s okay.

And even if you’ve never seen The Simpsons, I I’d say this movie would be enjoyable. Don’t look for a deep plot, just go to have fun.

There were alot of parts of the movie that were great, but the one that took the cake was this one, when nearly the whole audience started singing along with Homer:

One Response to “The Simpsons Movie: A Review”

  1. mwargo says:

    Yes, but you still have not answered the 9 Simpson questions that were sent to you on Friday…perhaps you, Scott and Jake do not know the correct answers, so you chose to remain silent~ ,m

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