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Tommy Thompson Was Running For President ?

by @ 11:19 pm on August 12, 2007. Filed under 2008 Election, Politics, Tommy Thompson

You’re kidding right ?

DES MOINES, Iowa — Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson is abandoning his presidential bid, his campaign announced Sunday night.

Thompson, who also served in the Bush Cabinet, did not meet the expectations he set for himself in the Ames Republican straw poll held Saturday.

“I want to thank the people of Iowa who were welcoming and supportive as well as my volunteers and contributors from around the country,” Thompson said in a written statement.

Thompson, former secretary of Health and Human Services, had hoped to place second in the poll. Instead, he finished sixth.

Speaking to reporters Sunday, he smiled and said he simply needed to accept that he “lost.”

Umm, Tommy, I think you need to revise that to accepting that you never had a chance in hell.

One Response to “Tommy Thompson Was Running For President ?”

  1. Another fly has dropped…

    You needed a microscope to find Thompson in the polls. The results of the Ames caucus were almost certainly the kiss of death for the former Wisconsin Governor. Still, I don’t see the winnowing down of candidates for next year’s primaries as good new…

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