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Please Let It Be True

by @ 9:55 pm on August 19, 2007. Filed under Cuba, Foreign Affairs

We’ve heard these rumors before, but, quite honestly, it’s just too good not to write about.

Fidel Castro dead ?

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday Fidel Castro is “writing, and producing,” denying rumors circulating on the Internet that the Cuban leader had died.

Chavez, a close ally of Castro, has frequently provided information about the health of the ailing Communist leader who temporarily stepped aside after undergoing emergency abdominal surgery a year ago.

“On the Internet rumors are circulating that Fidel Castro has died,” Chavez said during his weekly Sunday broadcast. “Fidel is producing, he is writing.”

Chavez said he had spoken to Castro on his 81st birthday on Monday.

Rumors had surfaced on Friday that Castro had died from complications resulting from his surgery.

Yea, I know, we’ll probably be disappointed this time too. But, the impending demise of the Western Hemisphere’s biggest Son of a Bitch is something that can’t come soon enough.

As I’ve said before, when the butcher of Havana finally kicks the bucket:

My suggested theme revolves around Mojitos, cigars, and celebrating the death of a real son of a bitch.

And when it happens, don’t count on any tears for Fidel from me.

H/T: Vodkapundit

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