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It’s Happening Again

by @ 10:05 pm on August 24, 2007. Filed under Cuba, Foreign Affairs

Drudge and other sources are reporting rumors that Fidel Castro has died.

The Cuban Government is, of course, denying these rumors.

Since I have other activities planned for Saturday, his immediate death would be inconvenient.

Unless, of course, I could locate a ready supply of champagne and cigars.

2 Responses to “It’s Happening Again”

  1. He’s dead again…

    That’s what my wife said to me when hearing the latest Fidel Castro rumor. Isn’t Leonita a wise woman?…

  2. My brother-in-law brought a bottle of Dom and a few cigars for my wife and I (respectively) when Wyatt was born… So I think I’ll be ready for a celebration tonight if necessary :-)

    It’ll make the 1 more week of waiting for College Football to start a lot easier…

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