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One Million iPhones In 74 Days

by @ 5:22 pm on September 10, 2007. Filed under iPhone, Technology

That’s about 13,500 phones per day, 563 per hour, 9 per minute:

Seventy four days out from launch, Apple has sold 1 million iPhones—smack dab on target with recent analyst predictions that the iPhone would surpass the mil mark by Sept. 30. In a press release, Steve Jobs said that it took nearly two years to sell that many iPods. The big boss continued: “We can’t wait to get this revolutionary product into the hands of even more customers this holiday season.” Too bad it won’t be that even more revolutionary iPhone that seems just around the corner. Critique aside, we congratulate Apple on the iPhone’s momentum.

If this trend continues, which, admittedly, it probably won’t, that would mean nearly 5 million iPhones sold within the first year. Pretty amazing.

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